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HTB 8th Jan 2019 19:43

Tornado GR1 Rear Cockpit
Help an ageing old frat navigator please. My son has kindly given me as a Christmas present a Revell 1:32 scale model Tornado GR1 to help me while away my declining years (sadistic sod...). The kit is quite detailed, but the left console looks rather more filled with control panels than I remember. I recall the important bits - the sandwich box - or nav bag stowage, the radar controls. the space where that special panel sometimes sat. What else was there on that left console? We're talking '84 - '87, so there may have been later mods (and after that, '87 - '89 I was a sim instructor, then '89 - '92 GR1A at LBH).

Mister B having a senior moment

gr4techie 8th Jan 2019 20:11

Weapons Control Panel, Radar Control Panel, the control panel for the Betamax tape recorder and map box ?


99 Change Hands 8th Jan 2019 21:02

Hi H,
This is the only one I can find in my stash, can't see the SWP though!

HTB 8th Jan 2019 21:52

Thks 99
To clarify, I meant the horizontal console, well aware of what's on the vertical. Seems most of the console is blanks, although I don't recall what the one just aft of the radar controls is - could it be the CPRMD recorder control (and there's another just aft of that). Map Box - the one for keeping nav bag and sandwiches in? What Betamax - was that the CRPMD recorder? Told you I was having senior moments...

It's starting to seep back into the frontal lobes.

Mister B

99 Change Hands 9th Jan 2019 07:22

You are remembering a lot more about it than I can. Pics online either ignore the left side or show it as being as empty as my pic (which is a very early OEU jet, I think). The simulated GR4 here


is pretty similar. Looks like ground-mapping radar, SWP and butty box to me. Good luck with it.

Just This Once... 9th Jan 2019 07:24

The SWP (not shown) in the outboard row took a fair amount of space with the commit/pickle outboard of that. Behind the radar control was the HDDR and forward of it was the TIALD panel. On the recce aircraft you had the large control panel forward of the SWP. For a while the MCP/IFU panel was on the left but after 1990/1 the rear cockpit varied quite a bit from aircraft to aircraft.

Recce, TIALD and the odd OEC fit aside the left panel was reasonably sparse on the majority of aircraft. The reason - space for throttles, wingsweep, flap lever, relocated kit et al for those aircraft so equipped.

HTB 9th Jan 2019 11:30

Thanks guys, that's filled in a few mental gaps. It could be the model kit console caters for a handful of mods and extras such as TIALD.
I think apart from the radar control and HDDR, the 16 sqn jets had blanks (except when SWP was fitted for our tice monthly spells inside). I'll just get on and make the kit as per instructions, ignoring minor cosmetic anomalies.
Ta. Mister B

Just This Once... 9th Jan 2019 15:18

I cannot recall the front or rear SWP being removed. Clearly not fitted to the TTTE jets but everything else I flew had them fitted, even on UK based jets.

Of course, my brain and memory may have its own half-life.

57mm 9th Jan 2019 15:34

Wasn't there a cool Photoshop image of a Tonka RCP with an espresso machine plumbed in between the tv/tabs?

Peter G-W 9th Jan 2019 20:13

I remember showing a SHAR pilot around the cockpits out in Deci in the 80s. When he saw the SWC1 in the rear cockpit he exclaimed, “I didn’t know the RAF had nuclear weapons!”

NutLoose 11th Jan 2019 23:24

Cough cough, you can get third part ones such as

[Aires 1/32] Tornado IDS Cockpit for Revell Kit : ??? ???

NutLoose 11th Jan 2019 23:32


NutLoose 11th Jan 2019 23:58


Liobian 12th Jan 2019 11:58

Can anyone enlighten me as to the purpose of the four little white hemispheres on top of the CRTs ?
Have long wondered about them, but not seen in all GRs

99 Change Hands 12th Jan 2019 12:17

I think they detected the ambient light and adjusted the brightness but I don't recall them having a particular effect.

HTB 12th Jan 2019 19:05

Thanks for the links, my son gave me those and a whole host more. 99 - affirm, but not really noticeable under most circs.
What I really want is just the panels to convert the external appearance from GR1 to 1A - SLIR/IRLS and blanking the gun ports (modelling putty, epoxy resin...my son has access to all this sort of stuff as a dental technician, including a 3D printer and the blessing of his boss).
Re SWP, I really cannot recall if it was permanent on GR1, obviously not an option on 1A.
Mister B

NutLoose 12th Jan 2019 20:27

Flight path do a conversion for the 1's, see


Just This Once... 12th Jan 2019 21:09

Originally Posted by HTB (Post 10358953)
Re SWP, I really cannot recall if it was permanent on GR1, obviously not an option on 1A.
Mister B

No, we had them fitted on the 1A too, the recce fit didn't change anything for the strike role; although we did get a more relaxed visit come WSU time. Of course, in the later years the weapons themselves were stored with the aircraft in the II(AC) and stabbed cat HAS sites.

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