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Nantucket Sleighride 2nd Jan 2019 14:45

Sheffield Memorial / flypast ideas
BZ to this chap who has tended the memorial in a Park in Sheffield since witnessing the crash as an 8 year old.
there's a request to arrange a flypast on the 75th anniversary, would be great if this could happen

Wander00 2nd Jan 2019 14:56

A bit more information would be useful

Nantucket Sleighride 2nd Jan 2019 15:19

Originally Posted by Wander00 (Post 10349698)
A bit more information would be useful

apologies, if you click on the tweet above it takes you to a twitter thread by Dan Walker host of BBC breakfast who came across this chap in a Sheffield Park today, he was playing in the park as an 8 year old when a US aircraft crashed with the loss of all on board, and he has been tending the memorial.

Mr Walker encountered him sweeping up today, the gentleman has commented that it would be nice to arrange a flypast on the 75th anniversary on 22 Feb this year.

1.3VStall 2nd Jan 2019 18:28

Get in touch with Lakenheath!

Pontius Navigator 2nd Jan 2019 19:27

I checked the Lakenheath website. You need to contact the embassy:


langleybaston 2nd Jan 2019 20:07

I would be very hopeful of a successful outcome. This is the sort of thing our best friends are very good at. Also good PR for them.

Nantucket Sleighride 2nd Jan 2019 21:07

Mr Walker is now in touch with the RAF and the US Embassy, so fingers crossed for a good outcome.

Great to see a positive use of social media to try and make something good Happen 👍

NutLoose 3rd Jan 2019 12:39

Sally B would be an ideal choice but I would think she will be on her winter maintenance

NutLoose 3rd Jan 2019 12:40


Wander00 3rd Jan 2019 15:42

Good luck to them. Hope it comes off. Worth involving nearest RAFA Branch

renard 3rd Jan 2019 15:44

I remember coming across this memorial while at Uni in 1989.

Would be great if they do get a flypast.

this is my username 3rd Jan 2019 16:00

I lived just around the corner from Endcliffe Park until a few years ago - I recall there was a fairly full-on ceremony there each year which included an Officer from the USAF so the site is well known to the Americans.

PARALLEL TRACK 3rd Jan 2019 21:06

Saw them filming today! Visited the memorial also.

1.3VStall 4th Jan 2019 10:16

The story was on BBC Breakfast earlier - well done Dan Walker and good luck Tony!

NutLoose 4th Jan 2019 10:36


Navy_Adversary 4th Jan 2019 16:03

I watched the BBC Breakfast slot this morning, I don't mind admitting that my eyes watered up somewhat.
What a smashing bloke.

AllTrimDoubt 5th Jan 2019 15:52

I was taken aback by this gentleman's devotion and commitment. Equally with Dan Walker's empathy and reporting. I gather things are moving now to hopefully ensure recognition as requested. BZ all involved.

Fatjoff 8th Jan 2019 13:02

You probably don't know, but RAFA organizes a memorial every year on the nearest Sunday, to which the USAF sends a representation from RAF Menwith Hill, with a senior officer laying a wreath. I haven't been myself, but I understand many local dignitaries attend this annual service of commemoration, including the Lord Lt for S Yorkshire. The BBC has made no mention of this. I believe this has upset the local RAFA a little. The campaign to have a flypast on the day of the anniversary threatens to put a spoke in the wheel of arrangements made thus far. Sunday itself is a no fly day at Lakenheath, which is no surprise, particularly at this time of year.

Perhaps expectations need to be managed.

Treble one 8th Jan 2019 13:20

Originally Posted by NutLoose (Post 10350516)
Sally B would be an ideal choice but I would think she will be on her winter maintenance

Indeed she is, safely in H2 North at IWM Duxford. Its the sort of thing that Ellie would do if she could I'm sure though.

Ddraig Goch 22nd Jan 2019 07:44

BBC breakfast
There will be a news item on this subject after 8:00 (UK time) on BBC Breakfast show this morning.

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