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BSweeper 15th Feb 2018 22:45

Wing Commander Norman Wilkins RIP
Wing Commander Norman Wilkins, President of the No 7 Squadron Association, has passed away. The Chairman of the Association, Malcolm Reeves, writes:

"Wg Cdr Norman Wilkins DFC, President of 7 Squadron Association passed away Tuesday 13th February. Norman WIlkins was a Navigator with No 7 Squadron PFF in 1943/44, at RAF Oakington, he was an exceptional Navigator who completed a tour as a Pathfinder Navigator on Lancasters during which time he participated in various operations including the notorious Nuremburg raid and was one of the few Navigators who recognised the the significance of drift errors on the "night of the Jet-stream" and managed to guide his Pilot to successfully achieve the target and return to base with accurate Aiming Point photographs. He was awarded the DFC for his service on 7 Squadron.

Post-war, Norman remained in the RAF becoming a Nav(Radar) on Vulcan Bombers, who once used the Elmdon Building at Birmingham airport as a simulated Ground-Zero for a Nuclear Bombing Exercise. Norman also had the distinction of being one of the few RAF Navigators to "sign-for" a brand new Vulcan Bomber from the Avro factory at Woodford and then deliver it to the Squadron. Having retired from the RAF, Norman ran a successful Ground Navigation Equipment Supply Company well into his eighties. Norman was a staunch supporter of the PFF Association and served for over thirty years as the President of the 7 Squadron Association. Norman passed away in Worthing Hospital following a period suffering from pneumonia and stroke".

From my very limited experience of him, he was an exceptional and charismatic character and will be sadly missed by his family and us.

Charles Patchett
No 7 Sqn. Association

Barksdale Boy 16th Feb 2018 01:59

Once encountered, never forgotten!

Thud_and_Blunder 16th Feb 2018 17:58

Thanks for the news. Of interest to me as a) I spent over 5 years on 7, b) I was the penultimate RAF bod at Oakington and c) my first job on leaving the RAF had me based on the ground floor of the Elmdon Building :)

...and yes, I've heard the one that says a thermonuclear device going off over Brum would do about 200 million quids worth of improvements.

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