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macfloppy 9th Oct 2017 16:53

Flying Suit Name tags and insignia
Can any of my fellow ex services comrades give me the address of the companies who used to make and embroider our name badges for our flying suits? My stepson is about to go to Dartmouth preparatory to pilot training , and I'd like to give him his name badge for flying suit.?

NDW 9th Oct 2017 16:57


Hope this helps

99 Change Hands 9th Oct 2017 17:04

Or here:


diginagain 9th Oct 2017 18:15

Name tags
Mine were from JJ Cash.

Pontius Navigator 9th Oct 2017 20:44

Macfloppy, a nice idea but there maybe a standard form of badge and he c.f. would both need and want to conform.

MSOCS 9th Oct 2017 21:30

Go to Squadron Prints. They do amazing badges.

Much better quality, price and service for what you get.

Mogwi 9th Oct 2017 22:01

I would certainly caution against pitching up with your own flying-suit badge. The course is only 10 hours and cadets will be issued with standard flying kit for the duration. Personalised badges would not be appropriate at this stage. If he is successful, he will be proud to wear the badges of his future squadrons/flights.


John Eacott 10th Oct 2017 00:36

Agree with Mogwi: such a move could mark him for a downfall at such an early stage of his career.

Dan Winterland 10th Oct 2017 03:26

Agreed. Such a display of individualism at this stage would not go down well.

just another jocky 10th Oct 2017 05:53

Agree with above. Don't make him stand out from his fellows like that, they'll each get name badges as part of the course.

Wander00 10th Oct 2017 14:29

Nevertheless, it would be a kind thought to get him the badge, but suggest he keeps it in his locker until he has a position to go with displaying it

Wensleydale 10th Oct 2017 20:57

...or even get him one with a spoof name (eg Willie Ekerslyke or Seymour Belvoir) for wearing on deployment in order to protect the guilty. There are a few suggestions posting here!

Wrathmonk 10th Oct 2017 22:21

or even get him one with a spoof name
Careful, I can hear the outrage bus being started. You'll be getting people all hot under the collar again if you start suggesting having spoof names, particularly if they are to be worn on the Royal Navy's finest coveralls!

What is Leon's new Nom De Prune anyway?

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