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heights good 8th Oct 2017 10:45

RAF Officer beret
Where would one purchase an Officers' beret with the badge sewn on that does not have a ridiculously small amount of beret material? I have tried 2 separate places and they seem to be the small crown variant which looks ridiculous on my (,it would appear, oversized) head!

I have tried Snaith's and the Stn Tailor with no luck.

Chris Kebab 8th Oct 2017 11:53

Are you looking for the completely covered right ear look?

Wander00 8th Oct 2017 12:06

As worn in all best TV programmes with a military theme

The B Word 8th Oct 2017 13:08

Never liked berets - too much of a Frank Spencer or French Onion Seller vibe!

Why not cut a dash in a field service cap like this chap? I’ve seen plenty of RAF vets wearing them.



MPN11 8th Oct 2017 13:13

Tend to agree. Berets are so 'airman' :)

I had to acquire a beret, as they became mandatory for Service shooting competitions, thus forcing the retirement of my much-loved and disgraceful SD cap [which kept the sun off my eyes and the rain off my glasses].

Pontius Navigator 8th Oct 2017 13:22

I had a 50+ OTRE beret with proper gold wire badge. Only recently sold it on flee bay.

As the RAF has only the three badges RAFA decided on a forage cap with a uni-rank badge.


The gent above is wearing a modern forage cap with hi dome stay bright buttons.

Here is the real deal:

RAF WW 2 Officers Side Cap/Hat | eBay

Herod 8th Oct 2017 13:58

I have to agree. I was very glad when I was commissioned, and the beret was no more. The "chip bag" though is much more practicable and easier to wear with style (?)

heights good 8th Oct 2017 14:29

Not interested in a chip hat and just to be cler my head is not actually the size of the moon. A normal beret from stores fits fine but it doesn’t have a sewn on badge and looks terrible.

WilliumMate 8th Oct 2017 14:38

These chaps will throw a bespoke one together for a consideration I would imagine. I have an ear warmer beret but it is the correct shade of blue. :E

Berets - CW Headdress LtdCW Headdress Ltd

oldbeefer 8th Oct 2017 15:40

Are you not capable of sewing a badge on yourself?????

MPN11 8th Oct 2017 15:41

My wife has a lovely officers' beret, gold wire badge, and beautifully weathered by 2 years as an IOT Flt Ldr. Otterburn, Salisbury Plain and Stanford PTA create a shape and patina that no amount of steaming and shaping will ever achieve :)

heights good 8th Oct 2017 15:45

Originally Posted by oldbeefer (Post 9918311)
Are you not capable of sewing a badge on yourself?????

But why would you?

Pontius Navigator 8th Oct 2017 16:11

Iirc the modern badge is metal and has the same pin fastening as the RAF badge. It is a woven badge you need, not a beret.


heights good 8th Oct 2017 16:46

Originally Posted by Pontius Navigator (Post 9918352)
Iirc the modern badge is metal and has the same pin fastening as the RAF badge. It is a woven badge you need, not a beret.


This is what I am after, but with enough beret material that it at least hang lower than the leather band!

Pontius Navigator 8th Oct 2017 20:21

Why would you want it lower than the leather band?

heights good 8th Oct 2017 20:48

Originally Posted by Pontius Navigator (Post 9918614)
Why would you want it lower than the leather band?

Does it really matter? I just want to buy a beret to my spec? So judgemental, have you been talking to my wife?

Bill Macgillivray 8th Oct 2017 20:51

I seem to remember (a very long time ago !) that, once commissioned, most of us ex-officer cadets who were commissioned from the "ranks" spent a little while "sorting out" our berets ! This was before the (re-)introduction of the forage cap !! I also remember being asked how to do it by other new officers !! Time flies !!!!


BEagle 8th Oct 2017 22:18

The last time I saw my beret was when it was going up in flames after I left RAFC!

Awful things - the only officers who should wear one would be those of the RAF Regiment. Aircrew - never! Apart from those who fly those awful clattering devices known as helicopters, that is...:\

Tankertrashnav 9th Oct 2017 00:04

When I was a Rockape I had a proper officer's beret from Gieves, of the type that I suspect you dislike, heightsgood. If you purchase an airman's beret and sew on an officer's wire badge then you are going to end up with a hybrid, but then as you are a civilian I suppose nobody can stop you.

Lost my beret somewhere along the line, and obviously never wore one as aircrew. Never wore a chipbag either, just a very nice Bates SD cap for best and an old tatty one to take with me when flying.

Incidentally why did the RAF call the sidecap a forage cap? Traditionally in the army a forage cap is what we in the RAF call the SD cap - what we called a forage cap is known as a field service cap in the army. I suppose as they got there first they are right and we are wrong! Strange.

Dan Winterland 9th Oct 2017 02:04

RAF Officers Beret Royal Air Force Officers Beret RAF + RAF Officers Badge | eBay

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