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teeteringhead 25th Sep 2017 15:17

Inoculation Records?
Honest - this is aviation related!

Recently went to my GP to get some slightly unusual jabs before an off-piste overseas trip. Amongst other things, he wanted me to have anti-tetanus; I pointed out that I'd had more of those than you could shake a stick (needle?) at over my regular service.

"What have you had then?" he asked - good bloke , always chatty about flying etc. Some minutes later, when I'd finished reeling off what I could remember, he said:

"Of course we've got no record of all that - or anything else from your Service medical records for that matter....."

In the time of Big Data, when everyone's computer speaks to everyone else's (my Driving Licence recently appeared with a copy of my Passport photo!) or seems to, why can't I (or my GP, or the NHS) get to my medical records of what is still more than half my life - 55.88% to be precise.

Any suggestions from the wide knowledge base that is PPRune??

ian16th 25th Sep 2017 15:31

I had to get a jab in the early 70's from my local Medical Officer of Health.

He was astounded when I produced my little blue folder of 'jab cards' for the period 1952-65!

But he happily added his rubber stamp and signature to the appropiate document.

chinook240 25th Sep 2017 15:42

Did you ask the med centre when you left for a copy of your medical and dental records. I did and have reams of ECGs, PME, etc. However, my civvy GP has no records on me prior to leaving so I had them scan my copies of important events. Worth doing!

Warmtoast 25th Sep 2017 16:08


"Of course we've got no record of all that - or anything else from your Service medical records for that matter....."
I received earlier this month my records of service having asked particularly for my medical records as during my service on return to the UK from Gan in 1959, I'd been asked to attend the hospital at RAF Halton to be tested for Elephantiasis (details here: http://www.pprune.org/military-aviat...ml#post9375493 Post#115

This is the reply I received:

With regards to your medical records, we have been unable to locate any records for your RAF Service, this being most likely due to the timescale involved and the documentation retention policies at that time.

Nigerian Expat Outlaw 25th Sep 2017 17:21

Just wondering if this is related to the data sharing issue which was in the news fairly recently ? I think it has been cancelled after privacy concerns were raised.

Notwithstanding the personal security issue, I had a similar conversation with my GP a couple of months ago so she promptly printed out and gave me a record of every jab and sugar lump ingested since birth, incluing all administered during my service.


Wrathmonk 25th Sep 2017 18:05

we've got no record of all that - or anything else from your Service medical records for that matter
Got the same from my GP about 4 months ago - fill in this form and send to the address given. Be very specific with your request - I requested copies of all medical documentation (including any correspondence between Unit MO's and Hospital Consultants) from the day I joined to the day I left - less than 30 working days later (IIRC they must have replied within that timescale) I received a fairly substantial parcel containing everything I asked for (including my OASC medical at Biggin Hill!). Spent a rainy afternoon reading through it all before taking it to my GP - haven't heard from him since!

You may be able to ask for them in electronic format - depends how much you like your GP! Big problem is I suspect the military system will be bespoke and doesn't 'talk' to any other medical computer programme in the world!

camelspyyder 25th Sep 2017 18:31

Cleared only the other week. Med centre gave me a letter for my future GP, so that he can write to Disclosures at RAF Cranwell for full access to my military medical history.

alfred_the_great 25th Sep 2017 18:51

There has been a problem with DMICP in transferring innoculation records in particular recently. I had to go in for my MMR jab, despite having the scar from my school days. Apparently something to do with under-18 health care and then joining the military.

All I know is I had three jabs in one day, and only two shoulders - you can guess where the third went...

BEagle 25th Sep 2017 19:01

I had no idea how the civvy GP system worked whilst I was in the RAF, nor did they give us any helpful guidance at the day I wasted doing some resettlement bolleaux at Aldershot.

So I rang the local 'health centre' up the road. Very helpful folk who told me that my RAF medical records should have been forwarded to some central repository after I'd left.

So I rang the RMC and asked them to unbugger themselves sharpish. Which they did...and the health centre received my records shortly afterwards.

Some weeks after I'd retired, I also received a nasty note from the gnasher-bashers complaining about a missed appointment. Having told them that the senior tooth fairy could henceforth perform an anatomically impossible act upon himself, I rang a nearby private fang-farrier, who was exceptionally helpful. "Don't bother about any records, just pop in", I was told. It now costs me around £14 per month.

It's a disgrace if medical records aren't being forwarded automatically to the GP associated with people's retirement address; those pointless resettlement sessions should cover such routine admin.

Pontius Navigator 25th Sep 2017 20:54

It is not just between MOD and NHS. The hospital has no access to my GP records. My named GP had not realised I had been with him 17 years, not 5 as he thought.

Hospital referred my back to my GP for an ECG back in February. I am not bothered but the GP hasn't noticed.

Army Mover 25th Sep 2017 21:02

When I left in 94, I needed a jab for my new job; went to the local doctors where I had registered a few months earlier to discover that they had requested and received all my medical records and I didn't need a new jab. Just asked SWMBO (practice nurse at our surgery), she tells me all my Army medical records have been scanned into the NHS system, but for some reason, it doesn't seem to be the same for all ex-servicemen.

814man 25th Sep 2017 21:35

In one of those strange coincidences I was actually looking at this today as part of my current job in the NHS where I work with GP Practices managing patient records. The reference document is JSP 950 Leaflet 1-2-11 dated 17 Dec 13. It states:
Defence Health Record on leaving
61. On discharge the patient is to be given a paper FMed 133 (Medical History on Release from HM Forces) that includes information on vaccinations, medicals and a summary of their healthcare. They are to be advised to take this form to their NHS General Practice on registering. On registering with an NHS practice there will be an automated request for the NHS PHR held at LaSCA. Copies of the DHR will be available to the NHS practice if they require them, following the guidance on the FMed 133.

A copy of the document is here:

teeteringhead 26th Sep 2017 11:29

A wonderfully helpful set of replies. I knew PPRuners would do it. I left regular Service in 2004, and cannot recall any such advice or documentation given then (doesn't mean it wasn't!).

I shall pursue Wrathmonk's lead (for which particular thanks) and look forward to the arrival of the - in my case - weighty parcel.

Thnaks again

Pontius Navigator 26th Sep 2017 13:05

814, you know, I may indeed have been given a record doc. I vaguely recall it may have been confidential to the GP.

The Old Fat One 26th Sep 2017 14:18

Great thread op...I claim zero expertise in it, but I have strong interest having several times queried similar.

Given the mixed experiences above, it seems to be very random. I left in 2003 and my military medical records seem to have gone to the back recycle bin in the sky....or put another way...as far as the NHS is concerned I only started to exist in 2003.

There's a ton of stuff online about all of this, but none of it has ever helped me get access to mine...that said I've never gone beyond a casual enquiry to whoever my GP was at the time. Inoculations wise, strangely I actually kept all my certificates from the day I joined...not entirely sure why :confused::confused:

Anyway, some years back the very helpful (and very yummy mummy) nurse at our local med center went through them all and uploaded any that were still valid in the NHS system. I remember it well, because she was exposing a tad too much décolletage and I remember thinking, I hope she does not want to take my blood pressure.:E

NutLoose 26th Sep 2017 15:36

Mine made interesting reading, my Sisters hubby was a practicing dentist and the station one was akin to a witch doctor and had caused me some severe pain in the past so i went private as it was free.. Come a due appointment I got a call from the witchdoctors hut requesting my visit to have some bones shaken over me... now this guy had taken to charging people for none appearance, so I duly attended, and when told to sit in the chair I refused to have him treat me after the pain I suffered under his care last time.... well i could feel the pins being stuck in the effigy of me, but I told him blunt I go private, I had been treated within the last month, pointed out a filling not on my docs and I did not want him messing around in my mouth and if he insisted I would resist, that went down like a lead balloon but I left unscathed.
. When they gave me my private and confidential docs as I was leaving the RAF sealed in an envelope I promptly opened them in the med centre to read them... the you cannot do that look I got was faultless. And true enough they were annotated that I get my dental work done privately.


NutLoose 26th Sep 2017 15:44

It does amaze me in this day an age that your military medical records are not also running in parallel with the NHS system, so there would be no need to request them when you leave as they are already on the system, surely the likes of Sally Oak does not run a military system just for the military?

Wrathmonk 26th Sep 2017 18:14


Med centre gave me a letter for my future GP, so that he can write to Disclosures at RAF Cranwell for full access to my military medical history.
Word of warning - my GP said he was happy to apply to the MOD for the docs on my behalf (provided I completed and signed the form first) and have them sent direct to the surgery......but he would charge me for the privilege. When I questioned why he said it was because the MOD would charge him as a 'third party' requester. There was no doubt a GP mark up on top of the MOD cost as well.

Not sure if he was being serious (or if this 'supposed' charge is legal by the MOD) or whether he was just too bone idle to submit the form himself.


I had that paperwork on clearing. To say it was a very brief overview would be an understatement. It had my jab records but nothing (as far as I can remember) about the pills issued/taken during the Gulf exploits various.

NutLoose 27th Sep 2017 01:25

Would that last line not be something to do with the drugs not being approved etc and admitting perscribing them could be admitting liability if 30 years down the line some disease or another is then linked to the drugs used.

teeteringhead 27th Sep 2017 13:10

When I questioned why he said it was because the MOD would charge him as a 'third party' requester.
Indeed so. In the process of completing my form as above, I've discovered the cost.

For details on yourself, it's free; if not £30!

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