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ORAC 16th Jul 2017 20:26

Belarus M-29 Short Flight
Undercarriage selected up with the aircraft settling back down?

dead_pan 16th Jul 2017 20:59

Good call by the pilot to bang out when he did - that "landing" wasn't going to get any better...

racedo 16th Jul 2017 21:19

Does he get a Tie ?

Pilot did correct thing, metal cab be bent back into shape, people less so.

Cows getting bigger 16th Jul 2017 21:39

Does he get a Tie ?
More like a stint in the Gulag.

chevvron 16th Jul 2017 21:45

I met an ex FAA pilot once. He was taking off in a Martlet and decided to do a similar thing.
Apparently you unlatch a lock and then wind the gear up manually. He unlatched it but there was still a lot of weight on the wheels and the winding handle flew out of his hand as the gear retracted itself!
I also seem to remember a Tornado doing a similar thing a few years back but he got away with it.

megan 16th Jul 2017 23:59

Belarus M-29 Short Flight
A misnaming me thinks, didn't seem to actually get to fly. Perhaps "Extraordinary fast taxi ends in disaster". ;)

Ascend Charlie 17th Jul 2017 06:04

Also looks like he left the engines running at full noise, it doesn't seem to slow down at all.

Fareastdriver 17th Jul 2017 09:48

He may well have not realised the undercarriage was retracting as the cockpit was so high and the noise in the back was normal. He probably thought that for some reason the speed hadn't built up enough to get airborne and there was a big orange light in his mirror so he banged out.

charliegolf 17th Jul 2017 10:56

One of those times when x tonnes of fuel is not a good thing!


IcePaq 17th Jul 2017 14:15

It's happened before.

MPN11 17th Jul 2017 14:44

So, experts, is this a design defect? Or Ivan being a bit quick with the UP switch? Or even pre-selected UP and waiting for the weight to come off the mainwheels?

Herod 17th Jul 2017 15:20

As an old, retired truckie, may I make a suggestion? "Positive climb...gear up"

BEagle 17th Jul 2017 15:46

If memory serves correctly, on a certain British carrier aeroplane it was possible to lift a safety flap and operate an override button, with the landing gear UP button also pressed in. This would allow instant automatic landing gear retraction when the circuit protection relays detected oleo extension on take-off.

Which was probably OK when performance was limited, you were being flung of the front of one of HM's war canoes and there was only the briny several feet below.

But on a bumpy runway, would anyone risk 'automatic retraction'?

Good to see the excellent K-36 seat saving yet another pilot's life though. I gather it has a 97% success rate.

H Peacock 17th Jul 2017 17:29

As an old, retired truckie, may I make a suggestion? "Positive climb...gear up"
Yep, that generally works, but you do regularly see some 'heavies' taking much too long to select the gear up! Better safe than sorry, but once you're through 50ft or so select 'Up'.

glad rag 17th Jul 2017 20:58

That went up well, did it have a centerline tank fitted? glad to see a successful ejection..

ORAC 17th Jul 2017 21:04

Russian build standards. Jack it up and buff it out....

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