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MPN11 5th Oct 2016 17:20

Yeah, my father had TD ... pleased he didn't have the other ;)

Sloppy Link 5th Oct 2016 18:13

Originally Posted by Jimlad1 (Post 9530896)
Moaning about missing the qualifying date is a bit like saying "I joined the Army the day after VJ Day and didnt qualify for the WW2 medals". Some you win, some you lose.

The reserves already have a long service medal (VRSM) which can allow some regular service (I believe) to count towards reserve service in some cases.

Ultimately there are bound to be a small number of people who feel they've missed out, but overall its not a bad solution going forward.

One year of regular service counts as half to VRSM to a maximum of five, therefore seven and half years Reserves plus five years Regular service gets the medal, eight years Regular plus six years Reserves does not.

Jimlad1 5th Oct 2016 18:14

Obviously thats a shame, but as Reserve Service doesnt qualify for the Regular award, I have no particular issue if there is a threshold. As with all medals, some qualify, some dont, and ultimately its not really an issue.

Bigpants 5th Oct 2016 18:19

Tutor Medal
I feel that all those who have flown in the Grob Tutor including the cadets should receive a medal. The Medal should be made from plastic, the points should fall off shortly after being worn and all should contain cracks.....

The Medal should made by a contractor and very, very expensive.

skippedonce 5th Oct 2016 20:18

Has this been formally announced then? I know the intent to introduce an new Long Service award to include Regular Officers has been discussed for a couple of years, but I wasn't aware that anything had been formally announced about it e.g. as a DIN.
Better than a DIN; have a JSP. Look at Section 5.06.


NutLoose 5th Oct 2016 21:14

Interesting forward

People lie at the heart of operational capability; attracting and retaining the right numbers of capable, motivated individuals to deliver Defence outputs is critical. This is dependent upon maintaining a credible and realistic offer that earns and retains the trust of people in Defence. Part of earning and retaining that trust, and being treated fairly, is a confidence that the rules and regulations that govern our activity are relevant, current, fair and transparent. Please understand, know and use this JSP, to provide that foundation of rules and regulations that will allow that confidence to be built.

JSP 761 is the authoritative guide for Honours and Awards in the Armed Services. It gives instructions on the award of Orders, Decorations and Medals and sets out the list of Honours and Awards that may be granted; detailing the nomination and recommendation procedures for each. It also provides information on the qualifying criteria for and permission to wear campaign medals, foreign medals and medals awarded by international organisations. It should be read in conjunction with Queen’s Regulations and DINs which further articulate detailed direction and specific criteria agreed by the Committee on the Grant of Honours, Decorations and Medals [Orders, Decorations and Medals (both gallantry and campaign)] or Foreign and Commonwealth Office [foreign medals and medals awarded by international organisations].
So basically he is saying reward them with a bit of shiny bling to try and retain them. If you want to motivate and retain people, food, accomodation, pay, and pensions are the way forward, not a bit of tin.

Reading the link, it is now from attestation regardless of age to qualify for the long gong, strange the likes of the MSM that requires the reciprocant to have the long gong is still from 17 1/2 years old.


Lima Juliet 5th Oct 2016 21:33

Looks like an almighty cock up to me for some. Those that are serving but will be ineligble although giving full-time service to Her Majesty will be anyone who has transfered to FTRS prior to 2014 regardless of having 15 years or more in the Regulars. However, as already stated to get the VRSM then those FTRS officers will need to complete 5 years in the Regulars to get 2.5 years of VRSM eligibility, then a further 5 years as FTRS to get the award of the maximum 5 years of full qualifying service, then a further 5 years for the ensuing 1/2 qualifying service after 5 years FTRS to accrue the final 2.5 years of the 10 years to qualify - total Service time for FTRS for the VRSM is thus 15 years which is the same as the new LS & GC Medal, but way more than other Reserves for the VRSM by 5 years.

So any officer who joined as FTRS prior to 29 Jul 2014 at age 48 or more and retires at the normal retirement date of age 60 will get neither the new LS & GC Medal nor the VRSM - even though they have more than 15 years of Regular service. That is up to 2026 for a 48 year old in 2014 who may in the end have given over 42 years of service. There are likely an awful lot of these FTRS in all 3 Services who have been stabbed in the back despite their continuing full-time service to HM Forces.

As ever FTRS have been let down and forgotten; the same way as the FTRS HC and LC are the only Regular and Reserves who don't get home to duty allowances. Whole Force? Yeah, right....:mad:

Can we change the title of the thread to "Whoopee! Medals for (not quite) all!"

PS - I'm all right Jack! :ok:


reynoldsno1 6th Oct 2016 00:42

It was amusing for me to see at least one ex- NCO, commissioned fairly late in his career, not then putting up his LSGCM ribbon so as not to betray his origins (he thought).
I knew a USAF Lt.Col who had a medal that was (is?) specifically awarded to officers who were originally enlisted men. He said it was the medal he was most proud of.

57mm 6th Oct 2016 04:33

For our civilian colleagues, an LS & GC medal is the equivalent of a clock presented for time served with the company......

NutLoose 6th Oct 2016 06:56

Except when you retire, the RAF gets the watch from you, not the other way around.

Wander00 6th Oct 2016 07:58

NL - very droll, but true

superplum 6th Oct 2016 10:13

1 Attachment(s)

Originally Posted by Leon Jabachjabicz (Post 9531304)
....PS - I'm all right Jack! :ok:


Me too! LS & GCM with Clasp (twice the distance).


Pontius Navigator 6th Oct 2016 10:40

Originally Posted by reynoldsno1 (Post 9531401)
I knew a USAF Lt.Col who had a medal that was (is?) specifically awarded to officers who were originally enlisted men. He said it was the medal he was most proud of.

Ah, but therein lies the difference, class and snobbery.

plans123 6th Oct 2016 13:28

The cynic in me says this is just a thinly veiled attempt to increase medal count on blunty number 1's so they don't look quite so bad when parading with airmen and NCO's with a chest-full these days... ;)

rock34 6th Oct 2016 13:45

I heard it was a GEMs idea from a Stn tailor........

Tankertrashnav 6th Oct 2016 13:51

Ah, but therein lies the difference, class and snobbery.
I believe that when many West Indians were heading for the UK, General Colin Powell's parents moved to the US to seek their fortune. When he was asked what he might have become if his family had moved to the UK instead, he replied "I'd probably have made WO2 in the British army".

brakedwell 6th Oct 2016 14:21

I don't like been called a veteran :*

Wander00 6th Oct 2016 15:15

It is better than being called "old" or an "OAP", or even by Mrs W a "Grumpy Old Man"

Genstabler 6th Oct 2016 15:24

"I'd probably have made WO2 in the British army".
Is that a criticism or a compliment?

Jumping_Jack 6th Oct 2016 15:32

Slightly irritated that this meaningless medal is going to cost me 50 to have mounted just for the full size, let alone for the miniature. Great way to reward me and make me feel valued......:hmm:

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