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Fonsini 29th Sep 2016 01:09

When did "Reheat" become "Afterburner" ?
I know that in the earlier days of jet aviation the UK adopted the term reheat for the process of injecting fuel into the jet efflux, while the US went with afterburner, or more commonly just "burner" or even other acronyms such as Zone 5 etc.

I have heard RAF pilots talking about using "afterburner" which made me wonder if this is now the official term and if so when the change was made ?

hoss183 29th Sep 2016 08:20

The term was changed after confusion caused by crew meals being prepared in the Vulcan's microwave oven. Ok i'll get my hat & coat....;)

newt 29th Sep 2016 08:38

Reheat for the RAF and afterburner for the USAF.....Simples!

622 29th Sep 2016 08:39

Probably since Hollywood (other US film making companies are available!) starting making movies about jets.

Rhino power 29th Sep 2016 08:42

I would've thought it was more down to personal preference than anything else, afterburner, 'burner, re-heat, zone 5, augmented thrust, carrot power, etc etc... ;)


NutLoose 29th Sep 2016 08:56

I'm all for Thrust Augmentation :O

Lima Juliet 29th Sep 2016 10:55

My favourite is 'hey mum, look at my carrots'...


NutLoose 29th Sep 2016 11:41

Ah, reached a certain age, have we?

I believe the VC10 had thrust augmentation BTW with that little outlet just aft of the Baggage door ( I mean the freight one, not the crew one)

Hempy 29th Sep 2016 11:49

It's ok Nutloose, these days the doctor can give you a little blue pill to solve all that ails you in that regard. Guaranteed to augment your thrust :}

Motleycallsign 29th Sep 2016 12:42

Probably about the same time as the Railway Station became Train Station. American influences........................
I know hat and coat time!

Wander00 29th Sep 2016 13:26

Talking of which, the photo I mean, we seem to have become the centre of the French low flying programme this afternoon - great, except for the dog chasing "noisy sticks" down the garden whilst barking furiously.

dixi188 29th Sep 2016 13:39

Undercarriage and Landing Gear?

VX275 29th Sep 2016 13:56

Undercarriage and Landing Gear?
Don't you mean chassis?

SASless 29th Sep 2016 14:04

Well you are part of NATO right?

As the US Forces are the largest component and provide the majority of the Funding....is it not natural for the Majority to rule?

Had you hung on to a good thing all those years back....the shoe might still be on the other Foot.

(I was just leaving....getting my Cap and Jacket on the way out!)

57mm 29th Sep 2016 17:22

IIRC, a certain Lightning formation leader called "Reheat, Reheat, Go.....Now", which caused a stir among his formation members......

Ken Scott 29th Sep 2016 19:15

SASless: need I remind you whose language we all speak? (It's called English for a good reason....!)

mopardave 29th Sep 2016 20:50

Had you hung on to a good thing all those years back....the shoe might still be on the other Foot.

We couldn't.....you lot were too busy bleeding us white! Ah, the special relationship!

Warmtoast 29th Sep 2016 23:05

According to the OED

1947 Sci. News Let. 2 Aug. 70/1 Emergency spurts of speed of jet-propelled combat planes will result from a development of the Ryan Aeronautical Company which the makers call an ‘after burner’
The same source refers to 'reheat' as

[1947 Pop. Sci. Monthly Oct. 87/1 As a next step, they've devised the after~burner. It's principle, essentially the same as the steam-turbine reheat system, is fairly simple.]
1948 Brit. Patent 606,176 4/1 The act of turning on the re-heat will open the propelling nozzle.
1949 Flight 8 Sept. 285/1 Exhaust reheat, or ‘afterburning’, is the name given to the process of burning fuel in the exhaust pipe of a jet-propulsion unit.
1972 D. Hart-Davis Spider in Morning ii. 21 The reheats were in and burning fuel at a terrifying rate.
2005 R. R. Lawrence Mammoth Bk. Space Explor. & Disasters i. 4 The XF.91 was powered by a General Electric J.47 turbo-jet engine equipped with reheat
So it looks like 'afterburner' was first with 'reheat' coming later

megan 30th Sep 2016 01:49

At one time (WWII) the manuals had a page of "interpretations" at the back. Battery = accumulator for example. I know not now what an accumulator was called in the hydraulic system.

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