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Tashengurt 15th Jul 2016 20:21

Turkey coup?
News channels reporting a possible coup ongoing in Turkey.
This could get unpleasant quickly.

Rosevidney1 15th Jul 2016 20:44

We live in increasingly 'interesting' times, I'm afraid. :-(

Wander00 15th Jul 2016 20:48

Which lot, left, right or Kurds?

denachtenmai 15th Jul 2016 20:53

looks like the army:ooh:

Bo Nalls 15th Jul 2016 20:58

Turkish Air Force conducting Shows of Presence and other breaking news Turkey coup: military attempt to seize power from Erdogan as low flying jets and gunfire heard in Ankara and bridges across Bosphorus in Istanbul closed

TEEEJ 15th Jul 2016 21:05

Footage of low F-16s.

Willard Whyte 15th Jul 2016 21:14

Smells of Putin.

The Sultan 15th Jul 2016 21:16

Eragon now then move against ISIS. Win-Win.

The Sultan

JAVELINBOY 15th Jul 2016 21:19

This will delay their entry to the EU, good job we are leaving

sitigeltfel 15th Jul 2016 21:24

At the end of March all US military dependants in Turkey were told to leave the country.

Hundreds of military dependents ordered to leave Turkey - Europe - Stripes

Did somebody get a tip-off?

Rigga 15th Jul 2016 21:27

Yes, I wonder how Angela will get her EU Subs from them now?

Above The Clouds 15th Jul 2016 21:33

Originally Posted by JAVELINBOY (Post 9441202)
This will delay their entry to the EU, good job we are leaving

Angela Merkels idea of a rosy Europe is not looking too good right now, I hope she is having a real soul searching time tonight.

Wander00 15th Jul 2016 21:33

Many instances since Ataturk of the army stepping in when things get out of hand. The army has always tried to maintain the secularisation of the Turkish state. In this case Erdogan has gone too far towards an Islamic state, oppression of the press, stamping out of dissent. Hope no lives are lost

unmanned_droid 15th Jul 2016 21:47

I find it difficult to get to grips with the fact that I (along with many others...) were watching Solo Turk a week ago at FFD. On reflection, I don't know why really, they could not have known this was going to kick-off. As I understand it, the military is something of a democratic rudder in Turkey, and from time to time is used to bring things back on course. Hopefully this will end well, and quickly.

Some of the 'Turkey is great' messages in the commentary seem to have a different edge to them now!

Treble one 15th Jul 2016 22:00

Looks like F-16s on the videos? Show of force?

unmanned_droid 15th Jul 2016 22:04

Yep, and there's a video out there of a helicopter (I believe an attack helicopter firing main gun, given the noise and accuracy) firing on a building

RAFEngO74to09 15th Jul 2016 23:13

Helicopter supporting the coup shot down by F-16 - reported on CNN in USA.

RAFEngO74to09 15th Jul 2016 23:21

MBTs and AFVs on the streets - martial law declared.

Coup military in control of main TV station - seen in pictures from station.

Prime Minister safe - used mobile phone to get message to loyal civilians to get on the streets.

Civilians demonstrating against the coup shot by (presumably) coup participants - unfolded live on TV.

US CNN Live coverage has multiple cameras.

US President + Secretary of State have stated support for the elected government.

RAFEngO74to09 15th Jul 2016 23:52

Amazing scenes.

In one part of Ankara you see thousands of civilians on the streets with flags congratulating the military who appear to be in support of the government.

Elsewhere, you see many thousands of civilians, massed on a 6-lane highway, blocking the path of coup sympathetic tanks with soldiers firing in the air.

17 police reported killed by helicopter gunship (according to government sources) [this was prior to the reported helicopter shootdown].

fallmonk 16th Jul 2016 00:21

Am sure it will be fine ,
Boris to the rescue! 😜

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