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Golf Tan 11th Jun 2016 06:25

Sqn Ldr Steve Bridger, RIP
Steve slipped the surly bonds of earth on 10th June after a brave battle against the big C. Les and their 3 children were at his side.

Steve had been in Oman for many years, flying a desk but staying current by flying his Harley. In the 90's he was a Tornado F2 then F3 mate at the OCU QWI at Coningsby, and Lancaster pilot with BBMF. Before then, 1200hrs Lightnings at Binbrook with 11 Sqn.

Details of memorial services will be announced in due course. If you have any pics of Brij, especially the pre-Oman days, please post them here or PM them to me. Many thanks.


Fly and ride safe Steve, your wit and WIWOL stories will be missed my friend.
Flutter, flutter

Wander00 11th Jun 2016 11:26

That's odd - I mentioned Steve at home here only the other day, and he had probably not crossed my mind for several years. Remember him joining 11 at Binbrook in 81 or 82 when I was OC Accts then OC PSF. Life and soul of the party. Condolences to his family. Gone much to soon. Slipped the surly bonds of earth. RIP

Geehovah 11th Jun 2016 14:22

RIP Brij
Truly sad news. A fine fighter pilot and a truly nice bloke. He'll be sorely missed. RIP Old Chap and blue skies.

MACH2NUMBER 11th Jun 2016 15:00

RIP Bridge, a great Lightning mate from a great era on 11. Gone but never forgotten. Much sympathy to Lesley and family.

Courtney Mil 11th Jun 2016 16:46

So sad. A bloody great bloke and a terrible loss.

spoff 11th Jun 2016 17:15

Bugger. Top bloke. Top fighter pilot. Great loss and too soon.

RIP me old.

Roly 11th Jun 2016 19:32

Bridgeparts was a top bloke on 229 during my time there. IIRC, he carried out a brilliant landing with the nose gear stuck up on his Tonka. RIP.

Bigpants 11th Jun 2016 19:41

Sad News
Flew with Steve several times at Binbrook, a top man, survived an interesting flying career to succumb to cancer at an early age,very sad.

Yellowfruit 11th Jun 2016 19:55

Such a fantastic operator, and a great pleasure to fly and socialise with.
RIP Bigbits

Lima Juliet 11th Jun 2016 20:41

RIP Bigbitz. What sad news. This is the guy that landed a F3 wheels up as the gear was stuck - so skillfully that it rested on its Skyflash launchers and was flying within days. He also gave that idiot Evans a run for his money on the 'Big Breakfast' if I recall correctly in the early 90s. I think he was the last Lightning mate to still serve in the RAF.


Gericault 11th Jun 2016 23:23

Dreadful news. A great mate, local expert for whom nothing was too much effort. My heart goes out to Lesley and the family. Another good one gone. Guy.

Stitchbitch 13th Jun 2016 06:09

RIP Mr.B, top fella. Remember lending some kit out for the BB appearance, during the interview Zig and Zag asked him if he got worried when being a passenger in a car and the driver pressed the eject button on their car stereo!

Golf Tan 13th Jun 2016 06:28

Arrangements for Steve's Service in the UK are still TBC.

For those in Oman, there will be a memorial service at 3.30pm on Wednesday 15 June, at The Good Shepherd Chapel, Ghala Church.

Golf Tan 16th Jun 2016 14:15

Dear friends of Steve,
it is hoped to have the send off during the afternoon of Friday 24th June in Lincolnshire.
However, confirmation on the date won't be until early next week.

Pencil it in, standby for further.

Golf Tan 18th Jun 2016 13:15


The Funeral to celebrate the life of Steve 'Bigbits' 'Brij' Bridger will be held at South Lincolnshire Crematorium (PE11 4AA) on Friday 24th June at 1500.

The family requests that in lieu of flowers, donations should be made to the RAF Benevolent Fund.

The wake will be held at Rippingale village Hall (PE10 0TH) from 1630; I suspect til late.
So we have an idea of numbers for the catering, RSVP: here; on Facebook; or WIWOLs to Porky.

Lima Juliet 28th May 2019 00:03

It’s coming up for 3 years since Bigbitz ‘banged out’ from this world into the next. However, I found this picture of his wheels up landing in the 90s that I thought others would want to see.


sarn1e 28th May 2019 16:05

It was 6 June 1990. I was flying next to him on the approach having provided the visual inspection (and imparting the good news that the gear hadn't shifted - emergency gear selector connected 180 degrees out, if I recall correctly).

After it skidded gracefully to a halt with the odd spark and flash from the underside, the canopy went up pretty smartly and they went over the side. That was definitely the fastest any of us had ever seen BigBits move!

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