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Could be the last? 3rd Apr 2016 06:46

V22 v .........
It was my understanding that the RN was looking at procuring the V22 for the QE carrier, some form of intra- theatre lift capability. However, with the link showing other users (apologies it was in the MoS) which Service will be flying the ac now???


MOSTAFA 3rd Apr 2016 12:58

Well here's hoping the Army in this role.

MightyGem 3rd Apr 2016 13:26

Won't be. It's above the AUM that we are allowed to fly.:=

MOSTAFA 3rd Apr 2016 13:46

It might have been a long time ago, imposed by the RAF but Lynx rubbished that falicy then AH destroyed it. I'm hoping with an Army boss @JHC the ground work is already done.

alfred_the_great 3rd Apr 2016 18:51

Does it matter?

I presume the RAF though.

typerated 3rd Apr 2016 18:53

Don't we have to find uses for lots of Chinooks?

Door Slider 3rd Apr 2016 19:49

JHC (Land) can barely afford to run its current aviation assets, what would make way to pay for it?

MOSTAFA 3rd Apr 2016 20:18

Bugger all DSF budget would pay for it.

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