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Navaleye 3rd Feb 2016 14:32

Its amazing who you bump into
I'm lecturing on the QM2 at the moment and I bump into but Heinz Frick from the Harrier world and Steve Jarmain from the Bucc world. Very interesting gents. Anyone know them?

Bigpants 3rd Feb 2016 16:31

Steve was a QFI at Valley when I was under training. I recall he was a yachtsman so assume he is getting old and travelling in style rather than under sail!

Odanrot 3rd Feb 2016 16:43

Two gentlemen.

I was a QFI with Steve at Valley and worked with Heinz when he was Chief Test Pilot at BAE Dunsfold in the Eighties. We delivered Hawks to Saudi together. The bug.. :mad:decided to take some bacon for the Base Manager at Tobuk, I told him it was illegal and the Saudis might cut up rough if they found it in the jet.

No problem was his answer - "I put it in your Jet! :eek:

Navaleye 3rd Feb 2016 18:09

Excellent stuff. We meet up at noon every day. Any more stories greatly appreciated. :ok:

John Nichol 3rd Feb 2016 18:22

Give Steve my very best and remind him of our last day of Taceval on the mass launch when I was LCR and he was looking after me. & tell him he'll be missed at Fin Fest on Friday.

Navaleye 3rd Feb 2016 20:10

I will glady do that. He will be exploring Montevideo on Friday.

CharlieJuliet 3rd Feb 2016 20:21

Say hi to Heinz and ask if he remembers playing with Scaletrix slot cars on 5 Sqn whilst sitting weekend Q. He may also recall awarding Margo Fontain medals to the boss and flight commander for ballet dancing into the circuit at Valley whilst on MPC.

sycamore 3rd Feb 2016 20:21

Navaleye,PM for you..

Navaleye 3rd Feb 2016 22:56

Sadly the ship's Steamsternet won't let me read PMs, but I will look in Monte.

Navaleye 18th Feb 2016 21:06

Farewell to Heinz and Steve. Happy landings and a pleasure talking with you.

Hello to Ruth Shackleton who I'm sure some of you are familiar with.

Union Jack 18th Feb 2016 22:40

Hello to Ruth Shackleton who I'm sure some of you are familiar with. - Navaleye

And also to the Chilean plod, following up the loss of a Chilean chef off Newfoundland last August according to reports such as

Queen Mary II cruise liner captain interviewed over death of chef | Daily Mail Online


Navaleye 18th Feb 2016 22:55

Yes I was on board when it happened and they interviewed me in Valparaiso. They didn't appreciate me describing myself as a "hearsay witness'

Tengah Type 23rd Feb 2016 19:06

I assume this is the same Heinz Frick who jumped out of a 20 Sqn Hunter
over Johore Bahru in Oct 1964, and was reported in the Straits Times as
" ejaculating into a swamp and injuring his back. " Absolutely NO comments
from the Navs on 45 Sqn about Hunter pilots sex lives!!

Was he not also the steely eyed killer modelling the Treescape in the AP.?

Marcantilan 23rd Feb 2016 21:06

I will glady do that. He will be exploring Montevideo on Friday.
QM2 is bound to Buenos Aires also? Regards,

Navaleye 24th Feb 2016 00:57

I hope not! We are about to pass Pitcairn Island in the mid Pacific tonight.

The Indio Channel leading to BA is too shallow and muddy for a ship this size.

Marcantilan 24th Feb 2016 14:15

Oh, could be next time (in a smaller cruiser)!

Thanks Navaleye.

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