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mopardave 30th Oct 2015 10:05

Passing the time on long transits
Gents.....and ladies.

This may be a dumb question, but how did you used to pass the time during long flights/patrols etc? Were there times when you could relax a little.....maybe enjoy a bit of banter? I'm sure back in the '80's, I saw a documentary that showed a tornado crew inserting an audio cassette and listening to dire straits on the way to Akrotiri.....did I dream this or was it the norm?


Peter G-W 30th Oct 2015 10:23

Quite the norm on the GR1. The F3 boys trialled it in Akrotiri to stave off the boredom between coming off the flag and crashing on the main runway, I believe.

Wensleydale 30th Oct 2015 10:45

Who needs a tape when you can go live!!


Evalu8ter 30th Oct 2015 10:59

P G-W,
Fleetwood Mac wasn't it? One of the most entertaining accident reports I've ever read.....

John Botwood 30th Oct 2015 11:01

In the days of the Shackleton, time was spent looking out of observation ports. In excess of 30% of sightings were made in transit.

camelspyyder 30th Oct 2015 11:03

Playing "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" on Trails.

"Chris Tarrant" on the Tanker (along with "phone-a-friends")

"Contestants" in the FJ

"The Audience" on the SAR Nimrod.

"Your next question for 8000lbs (of F34)..."

I have to admit the Audience used to have a quick conference and often chose the wrong answer on purpose.:ok:

INT_QRU 30th Oct 2015 11:25

BBC world service on the HF, a snooze in ordnance or on top of the liferafts and lots of food.

Wensleydale 30th Oct 2015 11:30

"For practice, for practice. There is smoke coming from......"

binbrook 30th Oct 2015 11:41

Synchronising the engines by ear. Listening to the Light Programme on the radio compass (as long as the GH wasn't on). Counting Consol if over the ocean out of Gee cover.

Wan Wei Luke 30th Oct 2015 11:44

Who needs a tape when you can go live!!
Wensleydale, I noticed that the rest of the crew kept their ear defenders on, but surely that sort of thing is banned under the Geneva Convention? :E

Stanwell 30th Oct 2015 11:45

Down the back of a 'bou: Musical chairs - 'cept few could tell when the music stopped.

Dougie M 30th Oct 2015 11:46

Directional Consultants had plenty to keep them occupied during off airways transits in certain places on the lonely planet

Willard Whyte 30th Oct 2015 11:55

I was the 1997 S. Atlantic Scrabble champion (air).

Didn't have much serviceable nav. kit to keep me occupied, so just set course for S. Georgia and glanced up at the E290 after a couple of hours.

Pretty much the same technique from Bellingshausen Is. back to MPA, c'ept I didn't need to look at the radar for over 3 hours.

StickMonkey3 30th Oct 2015 12:30

On the hourly position reports to Greek ATC, we used to make them with alternating words from the pilot and nav, in perfect cadence. Especially fun when the crew had different regional accents. Confused ATC no end!

Courtney Mil 30th Oct 2015 12:37

For F-4, Hawk and F-3 I made patch chords that allowed me record from the I/c to a pocket cassette player and playback from it. A pocket full of tapes made for some in-flight entertainment. Not all back sweaters like Pink Floyd, though.

StickMonkey3 30th Oct 2015 12:41

Needed to be in mono for correct playback, IIRC.

camelspyyder 30th Oct 2015 12:48

re The Guitarist above.

I didnt know TOFO was on E3's ;)

Wander00 30th Oct 2015 13:41

Three and a half hours Northern Cal - flying the [email protected]@dy aeroplane - no autopilot on the Canberra!

Pontius Navigator 30th Oct 2015 14:32

Kit accuracy 3nm/hr, radar fix once per hr, 55 min kip/hr.

As TTN said elsewhere, the R88 camera head rest was brilliant as you could appear to be working.

On the Shack AEW, Charlie position was good for a snooze and lovely seats.

JW411 30th Oct 2015 15:24

I can remember having a four for bridge on the Belfast flightdeck on several occasions.

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