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abeaumont 7th Sep 2015 11:29

Spitfire down in Kent
A couple of hours ago.
According to witnesses the engine started spluttering, pilot executed a forced landing in a field. Near Woodchurch.
Pilot ok.

Pictures on Kent On Line.

Pontius Navigator 7th Sep 2015 11:35

Sad but that rather justifies the insurance brokers with the premium for overflight of London.

Is that a two-seater, I can't quite make if out?

rolling20 7th Sep 2015 11:39

It looks like the 2 seater NL-R?

Above The Clouds 7th Sep 2015 11:40

Good to hear there are no injuries, it is the two seat German one D-FMKN.

Up for sale http://www.platinumfighters.com/#!spitfire-mj772/cuwc

Wander00 7th Sep 2015 11:45

Looks like a textbook forced landing, glad pilot OK. Looks like a Tr 9 from the photo. Any idea which one?

Pontius Navigator 7th Sep 2015 11:49

Google is yr friend

It had an undercarriage malfunction 3 years ago too.

Above The Clouds 7th Sep 2015 11:56

@ Wander00 just follow the link in my post and it has the full history of the aircraft.

CoffmanStarter 7th Sep 2015 12:40

Very glad to hear that there were no injuries ...


Image Credit : @Liztrispirit

Sadly I doubt she will be a Goodwood next week ...

Wander00 7th Sep 2015 12:54

Hmm, a certain irony there methinks - German" Spitfire in BoB Commemoration! Maybe there ought to be an Me 109out in front, and the Spit and Hurri pilots going"Dagga, daga" on the R/T......hat, coat...........
PS - ATC - many thanks

CoffmanStarter 7th Sep 2015 12:55

Thanks PN ... Amendment made :ok:

A bit of additional historic info ...

RAF Woodchurch


GeeRam 7th Sep 2015 13:50

Port wing torn off.


Pilot rumoured to have been Rob Davies who had to bail out of the P-51 at Duxford a couple of years back....poor Rob must have been thinking oh no, not again :ooh:

salad-dodger 7th Sep 2015 13:56

Port wing torn off.
That's what speed tape was made for ;)


Above The Clouds 7th Sep 2015 14:09

Port wing torn off
I don't think it was torn but removed for transport by road, this picture in a German newspaper shows it intact.


biscuit74 7th Sep 2015 14:15

Above the Clouds - Is that a picture from its earlier wheels up landing in Germany perhaps? That look like grass, the Kentish field shown in the pictures elsewhere looked to be stubble.


abeaumont 7th Sep 2015 14:22

That's the earlier incident.
Today was indeed in a field recently combined.
And the port wing was removed at the root.
Expensive and lengthy repair...

Above The Clouds 7th Sep 2015 14:30

Is that a picture from its earlier wheels up landing in Germany perhaps? That look like grass, the Kentish field shown in the pictures elsewhere looked to be stubble.
biscuit74 I think you are correct, its had rather a run of bad luck in recent years.

abeaumont 7th Sep 2015 14:42

A not entirely unknown problem for German owned aluminium.
There's still quite a bit of it in the ground here in Kent.

just another jocky 7th Sep 2015 15:27

I must admit I didn't think Kent had such lovely hills. :}

Glad the pilot is ok. The plane can be fixed, shame though it is to see it like that.

thing 7th Sep 2015 15:33

That will buff out, no problem.

Glad all OK and it's not a write off.

DirtyProp 7th Sep 2015 16:22

Zee Jermanz don't know how to properly fix British hardware.
Or maybe they just sabotaged an enemy plane...:E

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