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Axel-Flo 6th Sep 2015 12:07

Reunions! Puma, Chinook, Wessex or even SH?
Notwithstanding most rotary mates (up to a point of course) will have perhaps trained on the Wessex has there even been a plan for a Wessex Reunion? That said of course after the successes of the Puma and Chinook ones any potential for an SH one?

chinook240 6th Sep 2015 13:58

Reunions! Puma, Chinook, Wessex or even SH?
Good suggestion, I used to organise an SH Reunion in the 90's, alternating between Odi and Ben. With social media it would be much easier to do these days, just need one of the Stn Cdrs to name the day (and joe a JP to do it).

The Helpful Stacker 6th Sep 2015 13:59

Can us ex-TSW come along to run the bar?

Axel-Flo 6th Sep 2015 14:19

Any link to SH works...
Can't see why not, any link to Puma entitles you to attend the Puma One so you're bound to know someone if we get enough people there. Not sure it needs to be at a station....find a location, set a date and spread the word. That's how Richie started the Puma Bash.....by word of mouth to those who need to know and most of those who don't....well like wise they just don't. To be fair a lot of non Puma people come to that and are welcomed when they have a link and reason to be there....:ok:

chinook240 6th Sep 2015 14:27

Reunions! Puma, Chinook, Wessex or even SH?
Only reason I mentioned a station was due to the numbers involved. The Chinook one uses 'the largest pub in London' and is pretty full. The 90s reunions were equally large.

"find a location, set a date and spread the word"

Sounds like you volunteered yourself Axel? Good luck, I'll be there.

Herod 6th Sep 2015 14:29

A couple of months ago I had the pleasure of organising a reunion of the Wessex pilots from 78 Sqn Khormaksar days. Our final tally was nine, with several apologies. Considering that it was 48 years ago, and I had been off the SH fleet since 1970, I was pleased with that number. I'm sure someone with more recent contacts could easily organise something. Good luck though; my work took several months of chasing contacts through the likes of 192.com.

llamaman 6th Sep 2015 21:46

You could probably hold a fairly well attended SH reunion in Aberdeen these days!

TheWizard 7th Sep 2015 19:13

There's a Merlin one about to start this year too. Could be an expensive autumn for some!! :yuk:

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