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Axel-Flo 26th Aug 2015 08:31

NEM Conditions
Does anyone have the full SP on the conditions attached to NEM for those in their last few years to 55? I have just received my offer of service to 60 and wondered how it affects my options to leave if accepted. That said would it affect my pension entitlement if I signed on then opted to leave? It will be as PA on top level Flt Lt so have already done over 30 yrs service. I am on Det right now but will be digging out the DIN on my return as well as joining the Pension Society but just wondered if anyone had any info already and to hand...many thanks:sad:

just another jocky 26th Aug 2015 10:16

I was in a similar position a few months ago.

You retain the 6-month PVR option throughout, your pension continues to be topped up but if you are on the top PA pay level, you get no further salary level increases.

Basically, service appears to continue with no real change.


Jumping_Jack 26th Aug 2015 10:30

What he said......

I recently signed on for an additional 18 months as part of the NEM offer. As I am in the 'protected' cohort I retain the 75 scheme pension but once I reach the 34 year point I receive no further increases. No brainer really, it gives me the option to stay longer but I retain the 6 month PVR shoould I choose to go.

Axel-Flo 27th Aug 2015 02:39

Yes but...
If you PVR do you go onto a different band for pension? So having got to 55 should you chose to go at 57, having accepted an offer of service to 60 is there a penalty to you in leaving? After all having reached the top of the PA Flt Lt scale and no longer accruing pension beyond 55 would that be deemed reasonable or a bit of a risk?

just another jocky 27th Aug 2015 04:25

Why do you not continue to accrue pension?

My understanding is that you do.

Party Animal 27th Aug 2015 06:14


If you are on AFPS 75, your pension is effectively frozen at 34 years service, which for many will be around the age of 55. The only difference is that whatever that figure is, it will rise by pay rise levels only up until you actually start claiming your pension at 60.

There is a vast difference for those on pension scheme 05 who will indeed keep earning towards their 60 years of age point. I know of 2 recent PAS sqn ldrs who both signed onto 60 with one on AFPS 75 and the other on 05. The 1st one has a very modest increase in pension due primarily to the age he accepted PAS (i.e, over 50). The 2nd one has seen his pension jump from approx. 28.5k to over 42k. I have also heard of flt lt PAS aircrew looking at pensions in the 45k bracket!

Just This Once... 27th Aug 2015 06:14

Originally Posted by Axel-Flo (Post 9096487)
If you PVR do you go onto a different band for pension?

Technically yes but the PVR abatement tapers off as you accrue pensionable service. After around 29 years service the abatement is zero so only very late entries would have any reduction on PVR.


Random Bloke 27th Aug 2015 07:02

It depends which pension scheme you're on: On AFPS 75 you cannot earn more than 34 years worth of pension irrespective of your current TCoS. This is not the case if you're on AFPS 05 or 15.

camelspyyder 27th Aug 2015 08:07

Some of the above is not entirely correct. On AFPS 05 you can only accrue pension for 40 years. So mine would stall at age 58.

just another jocky 27th Aug 2015 08:14

My bad, I knew that but wasn't thinking! :ugh:

Luckily, I'm on 05. :cool:

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