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ricardian 29th Jun 2015 20:16

16 year olds dying on the battlefield?
Whoever wrote this article in the Independent seems unaware that for the Armed Forces in the UK you have to be at least 18 to be sent to the battlefield!

First_In_Last_Out 29th Jun 2015 20:36

Erm... Reading the article thoroughly, although it is a chronic example of journalism, the authors point is that recruits who are recruited at the age of 16 are more likely to die on the battlefield at some point later. It doesn't make any suggestion that 16 year olds are sent to the frontline, however it does take some leap to get to the point :rolleyes:

Tankertrashnav 29th Jun 2015 21:49

Some years ago I met a chap who had been serving on one of HM ships which was at sea when it was diverted to join the task force for The Falklands. As he was still under 18 at the time there was a proposal to have him leave the ship and be dropped off at Gibraltar. He pleaded to be allowed to stay and his request was granted.

He had an interesting war. At one stage he was manning a gun (Oerlikon?) when they came under Exocet attack. The ship's anti missile defences worked and the Exocet passed close by them on its way to sinking the Atlantic Conveyer. He said he always regretted not hitting the Exocet, but realistically I suppose he had very little chance. Just think though, if he'd been lucky, all those Chinooks wouldnt have gone to the bottom, and the word "yomping" might never had entered the English language!

ian16th 30th Jun 2015 08:11

The writer seems to ignore the RAF and RN and assumes that everyone in the military is a rifle carrying squaddie, and all recruitment is from the poorer parts of the country.

As someone that signed up as a Boy Entrant at the age of 15 years and 66 days, it was a wise move for me.

I'm forever thankful for the fact the RAF realised that because I had a terrible education, somewhat messed up by one Adolph Hitler, didn't mean that I was stupid. Then by applying IQ and aptitude tests the RAF guided me into a suitable trade and then trained me to lead a useful and profitable life.

Martin the Martian 30th Jun 2015 10:00

I always like reading the comments on these articles, particularly from those trying to defend the writer and who, like him, do not quite get it.

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