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Four Types 17th Mar 2015 15:17

Anyone have a link to the infamous Cranwell F4 flypast?
I have just taken the tour of CHOM at Cranwell and mentioned to my friends accompanying me the infamous F4 graduation flypast. They would love to see it and asked if there is a link to it anywhere on the web. I have Googled it and cannot find it. Anyone help me?

Maxibon 17th Mar 2015 18:55

Aha, that deaf, dumb and blind kid...

captainsmiffy 17th Mar 2015 19:00

Sorry, no link......but I was there! Awesome!!

ShyTorque 17th Mar 2015 19:05

The video used to be shown at the Flying Supervisors' course. IIRC, it was held at Cranwell.

radar101 17th Mar 2015 20:27


Check your PMs

Courtney Mil 17th Mar 2015 22:55

^^^Share with all^^^

BEagle 17th Mar 2015 23:05

Having seen the video of the second F-4 appearing around Whittle Hall in wing-rock, descending and then selecting full A/B before bottoming out at 72 ft a.g.l., it looked like a very close call and nearly an horrific accident....

Roadster280 17th Mar 2015 23:56

This one?


Or lower?

Navy_Adversary 18th Mar 2015 00:10

Lower , I believe.:ok:

Al R 18th Mar 2015 08:26

Was the flight path the same?

BEagle 18th Mar 2015 08:39



Al R 18th Mar 2015 08:43

Thank you. I was just wondering.

dagenham 18th Mar 2015 11:47

This needs to be on you tube!!!!

Exascot 18th Mar 2015 12:12

Are we talking about the one where the jockey was a certain Flt Lt J...s? Up for promotion but it got kind of delayed?

FarWest 18th Mar 2015 12:22

I saw it
I was there. It was lower than the Lightning on YouTube and the F4s came in over the Orange.


Mal Drop 18th Mar 2015 12:45

If anyone has a decent copy they could PM me with I would be most grateful. I was the cadet standing in front of No. 2 flight with a pointed stick (and one of the few who kept his hat on).

ShyTorque 18th Mar 2015 12:47

I liked the last part of the video, where the SNCO went around the parade square, picking up SD hats. :E

BEagle 18th Mar 2015 15:39

Only the idiot flying at stupidly high AoA and full A/B will truly know how close he came to wiping out the parade, spectators, reviewing officer, College WO and half of College Hall......


FarWest 18th Mar 2015 15:45

Beagle is right. I was watching from Whittle Hall and thought he was going to hit College Hall.

Far West

Al R 18th Mar 2015 16:04

I'd be mildly surprised if the CWO didn't survive.

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