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NutLoose 24th Jul 2014 15:14

Little birdy told me it wasn't carrying proper bombs either, but plastic jobbies that were megga light

Madbob 24th Jul 2014 15:37

I remember the Jags on II (AC) Sqn using every last foot of runway at Laarbruch in 1979 to take off in summer. (Adour 102's with about 7,300 lbs in full reheat :yuk::yuk::yuk: then).

I don't know what engine thrust would have been by 1985 when Jags got later engines with a bit more oomph but I certainly would NOT like to have attempted to take off from Gib's runway at max war load at 30 degrees C........

The thought of a reheat blow-out and just CHAG as a stopping option would put most people off trying with even a light jet. I was never a Jag mate, though did get two back seat rides with D****k B****e and D**k S******r during a pre-BFTS hold, so other factors such as tyre limiting speeds, are a mystery. Always had a lot of RESPECT to those that flew them.:ok:


nipva 24th Jul 2014 16:10

I was under the impression that they had taken over from the Hunter det

Red section quit Gibraltar for good on the morning of 3rd August 1979 after many years of faithful service leaving behind many happy memories of Penelope's, Ray's Inn, USOC and, of course, Town Range.

From what I remember, it was quite some time before there was any form of permanent replacement detachment.

Navaleye 24th Jul 2014 19:24

I watched three Airbus A320s do just that Heavy in under 10m and they did it in half the length of the strip. I first flew there in a Vanguard in 1969 and even that struggled to stop.

NutLoose 24th Jul 2014 19:49

There is a new book out of tales of daring do from the Jag community

I have been temped to buy it :p


newt 24th Jul 2014 21:56

What! Two pages and no milk jokes! You boys are slipping! If you flew the jet then you know how good it was. If not then do keep up the rhetoric. We love it!:ok::ok::ok:

Skeleton 26th Jul 2014 13:21

Saw a Jag airborne by the Spanish road once in the middle of August!!, it was early morning, display fit and fuel, but it still counts! Was an air test, think he went once round the rock, declared fuel priority and landed

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