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chopper2004 5th May 2014 21:52

Sikorsky rolls out CH-53K
Aptly named King Stallion

Sikorsky Unveils CH-53K Helicopter; U.S. Marine Corps Reveals Aircraft Name


tartare 5th May 2014 21:57

That is one big motherf*cker of a helicopter.

West Coast 5th May 2014 22:01

I hope it doesn't have the teething problems the E model did. The echo,was savaged in the media near the old Marine base at Tustin Ca where I grew up. The local paper there had a hard on for it.

Lonewolf_50 5th May 2014 22:06

"Rolling out" may or may not mean putting that monster into the air.

The ground test vehicle went live on 17 April, but I seem to recall that it won't leave the earth. That beauty in the pictures here may fly soon.

Huzzah! :ok:

Rhino power 5th May 2014 22:17

Super size pic of EDM 2, that rotor head is rather impressive!




tartare 5th May 2014 22:30

Why is the tailplane canted to port?
Something to do with a weird torque vector?

Willard Whyte 5th May 2014 23:10

That is one big motherf*cker of a helicopter.
Aye. A propper chopper.


Does a -53 always go on top?..

Why is the tailplane canted to port?
'Twas ever thus on the Super Stallion. One would guess to give a bit of extra lift at the rear, I'm sure the boffins in white lab coats know their stuff. From http://www.airvectors.net/avskbig_2.html

Although the prototypes were built with a wide-span, low-mounted symmetrical tailfin, flight control problems led to refitting the second machine with of a distinctive new tail assembly, with the tailfin canted to the left by 20 degrees and an inverted-gull asymmetric tailplane mounted on the right. This change was used in production S-80s.

Trim Stab 6th May 2014 08:24

That is one big motherf*cker of a helicopter.
A wee tiddler compared to the Mi-26. I read once max underslung load of Mi-26 is 56 tonnes so it could possibly lift the CH-53

melmothtw 6th May 2014 09:14

Pah, I'll see your Stallions and Halos and raise you a Homer!


Willard Whyte 6th May 2014 10:25

I was wondering who nicked all my scaffolding...

NutLoose 6th May 2014 11:22

Melmothtw, you can take off half of the main rotors on a Ch53 and still fly it, i'd like to see you do it with that hunk of junk ;)

melmothtw 6th May 2014 11:54

Aye Nutloose, but try flying your CH-53 without a tail rotor...

Tourist 6th May 2014 12:34


Which half of 7 would you remove?

Lonewolf_50 6th May 2014 15:09

Originally Posted by NutLoose (Post 8465863)
Melmothtw, you can take off half of the main rotors on a Ch53 and still fly it, i'd like to see you do it with that hunk of junk ;)

But wouldn't the vibes be a real bugger? :eek:
(Tourist, hee hee, well played :ok:)

The Black Hawk / S-70 family also has a canted tail rotor, which (according to our old NATOPS manual for the Seahawk) provides up to 2.5 percent of the total vertical lift. :8

CH-53K: oh, what a beautiful beast! :D I will go out on a limb and suggest that Igor his own self would be mightily pleased with the King Stallion.

dagenham 6th May 2014 15:49

Lets hope they dont try to roll this one ...the last time didn't end well.

Amazing machine the " homer" shame only two built, but when the soviet air force says niet you know you have problems!

Any one know if the eu / uk heavy lift competition still going on, i seem to remember a supersize euro tandem twin design being flashed about..... This and the king would be an interesting sight

West Coast 6th May 2014 16:09

NutLoose 6th May 2014 16:18

I never said which variant Tourist ;)


Comment by: Nikolaos I. Hantzis on Apr 6, 2006 04:44 AM
Yep, this is true. I was lucky to work at Sikorsky in Stratford C.T. from 1987 to 1989. Jimmy Kay was the Sikorsky test pilot who was flying at the time this photo was taken ( I have a signed black and white copy at home) He said that they had a slight vibration @80knts and around 110 knts but everything else was smooth flying.

VX275 6th May 2014 17:42

Is that as close as Sikorsky can get to a BERP blade without paying the UK royalties?

Lonewolf_50 6th May 2014 18:52

Nutloose: neat, had no idea they'd done that. :ok:

VX: I'd need to look at some more images of the BERP. Various manufacturers have been messing about with blade tips for decades. I am not sure I see how the blades shown on the K are a BERP copy. :confused: There's a lot going on there, it looks like from the photographs available.

alfred_the_great 6th May 2014 20:00

Don't try and stand near one as it either lands or takes off......

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