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Cpt_Pugwash 30th Jun 2014 21:34

Just for comparison, this was the second of two B2s overhead this QTH around 1330 local on Friday 13th June, ICOSA 12 I think


and zoomed in..


chopper2004 17th Sep 2014 22:40

LRS-B already flying?
In current issue of Combat Aircraft, on the last article on page 112 by David Axe with the title "Is the US Air Force's New Bomber Already Flying?"


It was citing the circumstantial evidence that Northrop already has a prototype or two (or three in this case) flying for the entry into the Long Range Strike Bomber competition and a controversy that the USAF had decided there and there to choose Northrop which Boeing was not particularly happy with....


Buster Hyman 18th Sep 2014 02:43

Mysterious delta jet over Texas, a fortnight ago
Are you sure it wasn't United?

Willard Whyte 18th Sep 2014 07:57

So all this is telling me is high altitude stealth is a bit pointless if your in the contrail layer?
Apparently the B-2A has a rear facing laser, or "laser" (© Dr Evil), to detect contrails, thus enabling the computer, err... pilots, to adjust altitude.

BTW, could the pic be of a RQ-180? (See also http://www.pprune.org/military-aviat...2-retired.html )

chopper2004 30th Jan 2015 12:14

Wonder if it could be this?


Northrop Teases New Bomber in New Ad


Just a spotter 30th Jan 2015 15:20

I wonder what Walter & Reimar Horten would make of how their designs have evolved since the end of WWII and how they've been deployed.


Heathrow Harry 30th Jan 2015 18:37

probabaly cursing in some aviation heaven that they didn't get a world-wide patent on account of external difficulties - like a World War

Bigbux 10th Feb 2015 22:21

Only that the contrails from any type are formed from the jet exhaust and would be there whether there was a wing tip vortex or not. What happens further behind the aircraft when the two do mix is an entirely different question.
You're not kidding. I was at Fairford last year and I witnessed a whole formation of highly secret aircraft fitted with some revolutionary new kind of engine. The contrails actually changed colour mid flight.

thing 10th Feb 2015 22:33

Apparently the B-2A has a rear facing laser
Didn't the B2 have a highly toxic chemical mix at some point during it's development that was supposed to prevent contrails? Can't remember what the chemical was now but I seem to remember it melted the containers that carried it.

Willard Whyte 11th Feb 2015 00:34

Heard about that too, thing.

Stealth Aircraft Contrails

tartare 11th Feb 2015 01:14

I think that's the SR-71?
Isn't there a reference somewhere to sled drivers once turning the contrail hiding mixture on and off in quick succession after exiting hostile territory to spell in morse an extremely rude word for female genitalia?!
Probably urban legend - but a great story...

chopper2004 4th Sep 2021 18:07

Over Philippines



langleybaston 4th Sep 2021 19:42

Originally Posted by Kitbag (Post 8406901)
Really surprised that if a 'secret' ac, ie not a B2, would operate in a contrail environment. Suspect it is indeed a publicly known and acknowledged type

How good is US Met. at predicting contrail levels?

I ask because we were [I was] still struggling in 1997 when I retired. Devilish tricky stuff ..... best way to find out is fly¬

chopper2004 23rd Nov 2021 17:34

USAF ISR Heritage video

Any thoughts please?


ORAC 23rd Nov 2021 22:01

Breakdown/analysis here….


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