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NutLoose 14th Jan 2014 19:12

XS452 Airborne again in South Africa (EE Lightning)
Way to go. :D:D:D

View topic - Oh YES! Lightning XS452 flies again

NutLoose 14th Jan 2014 19:18


Likes his badges.

Just This Once... 14th Jan 2014 19:20

But not his safety equipment….

I am astonished that this has been permitted given the previous accident report.

CoffmanStarter 14th Jan 2014 19:23

Perhaps a pair of gloves would be more appropriate than the badges ...

SFCC 14th Jan 2014 19:49

Nah.....not required. The seat won't work anyway:eek:

NutLoose 14th Jan 2014 19:50

Well I'm assuming it's been seriously looked at by the relevant authorities.

Fox3WheresMyBanana 14th Jan 2014 20:43

Having read the full accident report, they assumed that last time.....

GeeRam 14th Jan 2014 21:12

Astonished they've been allowed to fly them again...... and I'll be even more astonished if they are going to be allowed to fly PAX flights in them again :eek:

gr4techie 14th Jan 2014 21:22

Having read the full accident report,
For those who haven't read it, here it is....


Courtney Mil 14th Jan 2014 21:23

Oh, for God's sake, give it a rest. Don't you think it's great news that this Lady has been put back where she belongs; in the air? Frankly, scr$w you and your safety, holier than thou, "It shouldn't be allowed" hoop. If someone wants to fly it, who the hell are we to criticise? I would (fly it). And why shouldn't I? Oh, except for the fact that I can't fly a Lightning. But he can.

When will they ever learn? Anywhere in the civilized world, those responsible for the last smoking hole would be in jail by now.

EDIT: Oops. Got carried away. Sorry, GR4T, we co-posted. It wasn't directed at you.

newt 14th Jan 2014 21:27

I agree Courtney! I would give my right arm for another go in the worlds finest! Good luck to them and more pictures please!

Now what's the number for staff travel so I can get to watch the action!:E:E:E

BSweeper 14th Jan 2014 22:15

Does anyone know the background/lead up to this flight and who the pilot is?

The Sweep

CharlieJuliet 14th Jan 2014 22:26

Great news. You can't live surrounded by cotton wool all your life - you've got to take the odd risk, and this is one I'd definitely take if offered!!

NutLoose 14th Jan 2014 22:43

BSweeper, Facebook pic link says

Mike Beachy Head at the controls of his Lightning. — at Cape Town International Airport, Cape Town, South Africa.

Roland Pulfrew 14th Jan 2014 22:55



1.3VStall 14th Jan 2014 23:45

Newt, without your right arm you couldn't fly the world's finest!;)

newt 14th Jan 2014 23:56

Of course I could!:}

cuefaye 15th Jan 2014 11:00

But would you stop being a wa****r though http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...ies/tongue.gifhttp://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...ies/thumbs.gif

Capetonian 15th Jan 2014 11:04

The CAA gave permission for ‘maintenance/test’ flights last year. MBH took the aircraft for a test flight yesterday. They are not allowed to fly commercially, this may come later, would be fantastic.

newt 15th Jan 2014 11:46

At least I still can Cuefaye! For someone of your years, I expect you gave up ages ago!:\:\:\

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