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JFZ90 4th Nov 2013 22:50

Cold War, Hot Jets BBC2 2100 Friday
Has this been posted?

Looks like a new 2 part documentary that might be worth a watch.

BBC Two - Cold War, Hot Jets, Episode 1

Willard Whyte 4th Nov 2013 23:01

:ok: Good heads up. Also in HD, btw.

The Helpful Stacker 5th Nov 2013 06:19

{Hark, the sound of the Pprune WIWO brigade soiling their continence products in anticipation}


Willard Whyte 5th Nov 2013 09:41

I'm just hoping they feature a good number of experimental aircraft, rather than just the military hardware.

Rocket2 5th Nov 2013 10:45

"Hark, the sound of the PPRuNe WIWO brigade soiling their continence products in anticipation" and are probably setting off for their local branch of Comut or Doxins to purchase the latest 90" super wide TV screens with a 3 Giga Watt surround sound system to REALLY tee off the neighbours & relive life "when we had a real Air Force / Fleet Air Arm" :{

MPN11 5th Nov 2013 10:47

I shall ask Nurse to provide extra incontinence pads and some tranquillisers. ;)

Already programmed into the Sky box, and a good call from the OP. :ok:

BillHicksRules 5th Nov 2013 11:55



Courtney Mil 5th Nov 2013 12:09

WIWO = "When I Was On..." as in ever ex-Lightning pilot's story started with "When I was on Lightnings" so became known as WIWOLs.

NutLoose 5th Nov 2013 12:45

Yup, I posted a link to it but no one noticed, this was the thread where one of the researchers for the programme came on asking on here for our help, so if it's dire i blame you :ooh:


MPN11 5th Nov 2013 14:57

"WIWA..." For ground-pounders of course. Much the same, but without the hand-gestures of a rolling yo-yo (or something like that). :)

DC10RealMan 5th Nov 2013 14:58

In the civil world it is WIWOT = When I was on Tridents!

NutLoose 5th Nov 2013 16:53

I hope they have a TV in the crewroom for the end of the C130K party, after all they wont want to miss it :E

Danny42C 5th Nov 2013 18:51

I shall put it in my diary (well, you can't expect an old fella like me to remember that far ahead) - and will have my nitrate spray ready to hand.

Thanks, JFZ90 !

MPN11 5th Nov 2013 20:00

Watch it in slow motion, Danny :cool:

The B Word 5th Nov 2013 20:28

WIWOP - Jehovah!!!

Danny42C 6th Nov 2013 22:01


Who's been telling you about my Broadband ?


rolling20 7th Nov 2013 15:09

On a more serious note chaps, looking at the review of this ,it seems it is trying to explain where our Aero industry went wrong. A bouyant aero industry was seen as key to our future prosperity.
It also mentions that the MiG 15s in the Korean War, used a version of the Rolls Royce Nene engine.
I for one have never understood why the Atlee Government weren't all put in the Tower for gifting the Russians 25 Rolls Royce Nene engines.
They were supposed to be used for peaceful purposes only!!

cornish-stormrider 7th Nov 2013 15:12

Any mention of letting the Russians around the rolls factory while wearing shoes with VERY soft soles,to pick up samples of the alloys?

Wensleydale 7th Nov 2013 15:17

I for one have never understood why the Atlee* Government weren't all put in the Tower
* or substitute for the leader of any Labour Government of the last 60 years.

Here we go!!!....

rolling20 7th Nov 2013 15:26

You are not wrong there re Labour!

I seem to remember that was a senior member of the Soviet delegation that was taken around the factory and unbelievably he changed his shoes on site!

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