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Antique Driver 23rd Sep 2013 19:12

C130K Out Of Service Party 8th November 2013 RAF Brize Norton
To celebrate almost 47 years of continuous service with the Royal Air Force, 47 Sqn are hosting a C130K Out of Service (OSD) party on Friday 8th November.

The party will take place at the 47 Sqn HQ (Bldg 60) at RAF Brize Norton from 1900 until late.

Entertainment will take the form of 4 live bands, including the 47 Sqn band AK47, plus a DJ all playing music from across the decades.

Numerous catering outlets will be present with a host of refreshments being offered - drinks tickets will be available at the cost of £2 per drink.

Profits will go to RAFBF and St Nicholas School, Chippenham.

Entry to the function is free.

This is an open invite to all serving and ex serving personnel who have been associated with the venerable C130K - come and help us send her off in style.

Non Service personnel who wish to attend will need to forward their details to Control of Entry at RAF Brize Norton no later than 10 days prior to the event - 47 Sqn Ops on 01993 896833 will be able to assist. Alternatively please PM me through this site and I will endeavour to answer any questions.

There is limited car parking available on Stn but a taxi rank will be in use towards the end of the function.

No accommodation is available at RAF Brize Norton but Carterton has several pleasant B+Bs with hotels available in Witney and Oxford.

"Sans Peur"

NutLoose 23rd Sep 2013 19:23

Puts the VC Ten lot to shame.... why oh why couldn't they have done something similar, have a good party, will pass it on to some ex Herk colleagues of mine.

BEagle 23rd Sep 2013 19:28

Puts the VC Ten lot to shame....
So you weren't invited, Nut Loose. Perhaps you should get over it.....:rolleyes:

I hope that the C-130K 'end of' party will go well - I remember when the aircraft were in 'two shades of $hit' with a white roof and black underside...and everyone thought that they were a quantum leap from the Beverley, Hastings and Whistling Tit! They have served the RAF well and the A400M will have a hard act to follow.

NutLoose 23rd Sep 2013 20:01

It seems the proper way to see the old Girl out Beagle, all those involved in her from crew to line engineers down to base maintenance personnel and handlers refuellers etc, seems 47 recognise that it takes more than the crew to make things happen, kudos to them. And sadly reflects on the attitude a lot of Ten crew had. No sour grapes from me, just a tragedy that you cannot see that.

Alison Conway 23rd Sep 2013 23:39

NutLoose you are right. Beagle you are wrong. 47 have always been right. I fixed and then flew/instructed/examined on Albert, and the colour scheme was invisible from inside where some excellent guys lived and put it on the line close to the ground. I have also flown the VC10 (only once with you Beagle 29 Nov 2002 ZD230 on my second incarnation) and she was the Queen of the Skies. This thread is not a p*****g contest, but rather a calling notice. Those who have served on Albert K model should gather to say a grand farewell to an old and trusted friend. Foolish banter may detract from the original, laudable idea. No grapes, sour or otherwise.:=

fergineer 24th Sep 2013 01:15

Well said AC just sorry that I cannot be there.

ancientaviator62 24th Sep 2013 07:29

Antique Driver,
thank you for the heads up ref the demise of the 'K'. I started my almost 30 yrs with the K with 47 at Fairford in 1968, and have very fond memories of that time. I recently purchased some aviation items and included in them are three sheets that seem to have come from the 47 Sqn history. If you are interested I will send them to the squadron.

Vasco Sodcat 25th Sep 2013 11:29

Gutted that I can't be there - in Australia on that date - (someone pick that one up please!) :} I'm certain that the bash will rival the 40th, and beat any number of Guiness n Pies, have several for me :D

Flintlock 25th Sep 2013 13:48

Well done 47
It's so good to see that 47 are still 'Top of the Props'

Well done 47, it should be good evening, putting an old friend out to grass!

smujsmith 25th Sep 2013 19:56

Top Call 47,

Sounds like it will be a great time. I have many friends attending and anticipate some epic stories. Hope all enjoy the event. Beagle, how petty from an ex officer and gentleman to miss the intent of the thread.


Hatchet 130 26th Sep 2013 00:16

Ballsy plan guys,

Unless the crewroom/bar has expanded to the size of a hanger since I left 18 mths ago I reckon the party will be something like Stonehenge on the Solstice.

I wonder how many people who have served on the Hercules C Mk1/3 in the last 47 yrs are still alive and will want to come? I'm guessing more than a 100 or so.....

Just a thought,

Love [email protected]@se xxxx

PS. There is an empty hangar at an MoD base, with lots of parking, just off the M4, oh what's it called, nr Wooty B.

PPS. Co-pilot quiz question;

How many K's did we have vs C Mk1/3Ps?

BEagle 26th Sep 2013 05:12

smujsmith, please read my comments again.

At no time have I made any critical comment about the C-130K party and I wish you all well.

My only critical remark was in response to yet another of NutLoose's unwelcome digs and moans about the VC10 'End of an Era' event and its format. As the Sqn Cdr wrote to 'Fellow VC10 enthusiasts':

To commemorate the final coming to an end of the VC10, 101 Squadron is organising an ‘End of an Era’ all-ranks Anniversary Dinner. We are hoping for this to be a large and well-attended spectacle with current Squadron members and many other VC10 personalities and senior guests in attendance.

Unfortunately, due to the venue limitations and high interest, we will have to operate a ‘first come, first served’ policy on ticket allocations. In the event of over-subscription, we will activate a reserve list and inform people accordingly.
It was indeed a well-attended event and I do not question the decision to hold an all-ranks dinner rather than a 'hangar bash' - that was a decision which presumably and quite rightly took into account the number of senior (in age) figures who'd expressed a wish to attend.

One of the biggest rounds of applause came when AVM Hurrell made reference to the initial decision to have a dedicated Eng Flt on 101 rather than centralised servicing. We all recognised the wisdom of that decision and the considerable strength it added to the squadron.

We all had an excellent night and I hope you will enjoy yours similarly.

ancientaviator62 26th Sep 2013 09:11

Hatchet 130,
we bought 66 C130K Hercules. It was designated as the C130UK by Lockheeds as it was a bit of a hybrid ! In RAF sevice it became the C130K, dropping the U as did the UK version of the F4 Phantom. However if you mean by K the tanker, then six MK1 a/c were so converted.

NutLoose 26th Sep 2013 10:49

Sounds like it is going to be a fantastic party, one hopes you all enjoy it.

Wrong place, wrong time Beagle, you are detracting from what this thread is about.

OldNavigator 26th Sep 2013 16:39

Sad I won't be able to go
It is great news to see there is a party to celebrate the passing of this great aircraft. I spent 3 brilliant years on 47 from 1988-1992 and then onto 30,LXX & 24 Sqn's with tours ar SNavo & OpsO before 6 years on VC10.

Pass my wishes to all at the party - I will never forget the camaradie on all Sqn's, but the first one was the best.

I cannot attaend as I will be selling poppies in Cheltenham with my CCF cadets on Sat 9 Nov. Please make a contribution if you are passing

Willard Whyte 26th Sep 2013 17:36

Unless the crewroom/bar has expanded to the size of a hanger since I left 18 mths ago I reckon the party will be something like Stonehenge on the Solstice.

I wonder how many people who have served on the Hercules C Mk1/3 in the last 47 yrs are still alive and will want to come? I'm guessing more than a 100 or so.....
From the faecbook info page:

The evening's entertainment includes live bands, renowned DJ, and tales of old shared amongst friends. Set in front of the impressive 30 & 47 Sqn HQ backdrop the event is free to all guests, all we ask is that a donation be made towards the selection of drinks. Tokens available on the evening.

smujsmith 26th Sep 2013 21:47

Beagle #12,

I stand corrected sir in that I misinterpreted your original post. I'm sure the C130 bash will be successful, I'm not attending myself so like you I wish them all well. Its nice though that these events, be they VC10, C130, Phantom or the Buccaneer, are page marks in the history of these aircraft in service with the Royal Air Force. I do know, there will be some dust motes around on the day.


ancientaviator62 27th Sep 2013 08:00

despite operating at well over the normal TOW for many years the tankers were merely stripped of the tanking kit and returned to normal service. Later on at least one was sold to an overseas air force where it may still be operating.
Someone will know !

gnome_fiddler 27th Sep 2013 09:52

Didn't at least one of them go to Sri Lanka?

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