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Torque Tonight 27th May 2013 12:30

Bomber Command memorial defaced - fallout from Woolwich
Very sad to see that the Bomber Command memorial and other monuments nearby have been defaced with red paint today. Some media sources have tip-toed around the nature of the graffiti, but the truth is it says Islam in red painted letters. Now whether this is the action of muslim hot-heads or EDL/BNP provocateurs, matters not. Very disappointing to see, and I just hope that this week's events are a wake up call.

BBC News - Woolwich murder: Three men released on bail
Bomber Command memorial vandalised in London | This is Lincolnshire

diginagain 27th May 2013 12:50

Originally Posted by Basil
There has to be some CCTV which will provide a clue.

Does there?

dragartist 27th May 2013 13:03

Armed Forces Day Flag
Now then I do wonder if I am being foolish or provoking any backlash by flying my Armed Forces Day flag some 36 days early. It was my first response following the Horrific news on Thursday.

NutLoose 27th May 2013 13:19

When arrested they perps should be simply put on a plane, flown out to Afghanistan with no documents and dropped off wearing nothing but their shreddies to start their new life... Regardless of being a Uk Citizen, their passports should be revoked and they should be permanently blacklisted from entering the country.

Do that several times and they'll soon think otherwise about doing things like this.

OutlawPete 27th May 2013 13:25

A disgusting and disrespectful act carried out by someone clearly devoid of brain cells. Lets hope the memorial gets restored with haste.

Interesting that mainstream media seems to be avoiding the story. They were quick to report the attacks on the mosque though.

VinRouge 27th May 2013 13:25

Time to unleash the 1 group Bacon Bomb.

Torque Tonight 27th May 2013 13:40

Agaricus. Not paranoid, just nothing would surprise me these days. There are elements on both sides who would love to kick off a race war. I'd lock 'em all up together.

NutLoose 27th May 2013 13:42

Oddly enough Vin there is one in development and talk of carrying lard on Israeli buses, the bomb is a holder containing pigs blood to deter suicide bombers as it will cover them when they detonate, thus robbing them of their Virgins.


Would Pork Bombs Work as a Terrorist Deterrent? | Geekosystem

Mind you the Ruskies buried their Chetchen terrorists in pigskins to do similar. Though probably overkill for mindless vandals.... :E.

I too can see a race war coming sadly, fuelled by the fringe element on both sides of what are on the whole peace loving people's. sometimes you wish you could just bang their heads together... Mind you I blame the race hating clerics that fuel this.. Sooner they are out of here the better.

Wander00 27th May 2013 15:11

"Execution" is legal application of a judicial death penalty - Woolwich was MURDER.

Pontius Navigator 27th May 2013 15:17

Originally Posted by NutLoose (Post 7864296)
When arrested they perps should be simply put on a plane, flown out to Afghanistan with no documents and dropped off wearing nothing but their shreddies to start their new life.

I presume you mean a non-stop flight?

newt 27th May 2013 15:20

Scum! Thats all I can say!! The rest is :mad:

NutLoose 27th May 2013 15:34

Says it all really

War memorial defaced - ITV News

monkeytennis 27th May 2013 17:29

Please don't say it was an execution. It was a brutal and inexcusable murder. :(

November4 27th May 2013 20:42

Anyone in the London area able to keep WO Radcliffe company?

An 89-year-old war veteran has said he will stand at the Bomber Command monument in London's Green Park until spray paint defacing the memorial has been removed.

Douglas Radcliffe MBE, the Secretary of the Bomber Command Association, told ITV News that he was "very disturbed" by the act of vandalism and said he could not understand why anyone would deface the honour.


smujsmith 27th May 2013 21:03

Whilst the jury has to be out as to the identity of the perpetrator of this crime, whoever they are they deserve some real punishment if caught. I do hope that the memorial can be cleaned and restored quickly. It seems to me that a lot of things that many of "our" generations would respect, now mean little to the current custodians of "British mainstream culture". A very sad state of affairs.

Chugalug2 27th May 2013 21:09

The BC Memorial is in good company. The statue of Marshal of the Royal Air Force Sir Arthur Harris, 1st Baronet, GCB, OBE, AFC was similarly defaced from the moment of unveiling. Such actions are simply comment on those who perpetrate them. Well done Doug Radcliffe, I'm sure that the men from the council will be along very shortly...

Melchett01 27th May 2013 21:14

WO Radcliffe's stand has, rightly, generated quite a lot of interest and comment on Facebook - especially amongst military types.

As it is just over the road, I wonder if the Club might be able to assist in anyway with coffee and rations?

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