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passpartout 5th May 2013 17:26

Brandy Sours
It's been a while....

Given the weather today, any recommendations for Brandy Sours recipes?

(Acknowledging that they never taste the same in the UK)

lj101 5th May 2013 17:30

Authentic Cypriot Taverna Brandy Sour Cocktail Recipe - Food.com - 307582

Looks about right. Cheers.

Geehovah 5th May 2013 17:31

It would never be right without Cypriot brandy and those bottles of Tschhhhhh.... (lemonade)

CoffmanStarter 5th May 2013 17:41

Sorry cant help ... currently plugged into a couple of these ... with extra Gin :ok:


ian16th 5th May 2013 18:22


Keo Brandy
Robinsons Barley Water
'Alpha' Cloudy Lemonade
Angostura Bitters
Green Lemon (1)

The Process

Place a couple of ounces of sugar in a saucer and spread it around the saucer.
Cut the lemon in half.
From one half of the lemon cut 1 slice and put this slice aside for later.
Put 2 shakes of Angostura into the glass, and then shake the bitters out of the glass.
Rub one half of the lemon around the rim of the glass.
Touch the rim of the glass into the saucer of sugar and evenly coat the rim.
Put ice cubes into the glass
Add a good measure (2) of brandy into the glass
Add an equal measure of Barley Water
Squeeze the juice from both halves of the lemon into the glass.
Top up with Alpha Cloudy Lemonade
Take the previously saved slice of lemon and cut it into 2 pieces and use to decorate your glass.

1. It helps to have a lemon tree in your garden, within reach of your veranda, the only real way to get fresh green lemons. By the time they are yellow and in the shops, they are too sweet for a sour Brandy Sour.

2. 'A good measure' is a matter of taste.

My qualifications?? 2 years 'living out' in Limassol with a lemon tree in the garden :ok:


just another jocky 5th May 2013 18:33

Whatever you do, use the cheapest brandy you can find! :ok:

ian16th 5th May 2013 18:55

Not necessarily the cheapest, but don't waste a fine Cognac or Armagnac by mixing lemonade and lemon juice in it.

In my time at Akrotiri there were some really cheap 'brandy's' that were only suitable for use as paint stripper. These were about 3/6 a bottle. I paid about 7/6 a bottle for one of the 'better' Keo brandy's, which I could well afford on a Cpl/Tech's money.

If anyone is interested, I have a war story about how we made tea with 'paint stripper' quality Spanish brandy.

strake 5th May 2013 19:03

Whatever you do, use the cheapest brandy you can find!
In France, Keo Brandy and Cock Drops are rather difficult to find. However, as I live in Cognac country, I have a few suppliers for the local stuff which suffices.
My recipe:
Lemon/Sugar rim as described by another poster
Half a tumbler of crushed ice
Drop of bitters
Generous portion of Cognac
Top-up with Agrum which is the local fizzy Bitter Lemon.
OK, it's not going to taste a la Dhekelia or Akrotiri - but it's good enough for me...

And in case there a worries that a fine Cognac is being "ruined", there are local brews here designed specifically for long drinks.

Pontius Navigator 5th May 2013 19:14

The test of a 'good' Cyprus brandy was its flammability. Anything less than 5* wouldn't burn.

For a perfect BS don't forget the mega bottle of Keo beer for a chaser.

ian16th 5th May 2013 20:12


Can you remember the 'good' one that was a number of Kings?

I think it was either 'Three Kings' or 'Five Kings', it was about a £1 a bottle. Very expensive for the times, but it qualified as 'sipping brandy'.

CoffmanStarter 5th May 2013 20:23

This ?


Pontius Navigator 5th May 2013 20:24

Ian, I didn't dare.

strake 5th May 2013 20:26

I think it was either 'Three Kings' or 'Five Kings', it was about a £1 a bottle
"Please sir, me, sir.. I can"
It was Five Kings and at a Christmas dinner in Oroklini, having paid for the first bottle, refill's (bottles not glasses) were free...

ian16th 5th May 2013 21:02

Ah memories!

Thanks guys.

Gotta admit, I do quite well in this southern colony for reasonable quality and very reasonably priced brandies.

Tankertrashnav 6th May 2013 08:36

For a perfect BS don't forget the mega bottle of Keo beer for a chaser.
From the ice cold bottle of Keo from the groundcrew as you climbed down the aircraft ladder, to several more pints of same in the bar, before repairing to Limassol for a night on the brandy sours, the first night of an Akrotiri detachment could be a boozy affair.

As our AEO spent most of the next day in the loo with a dose of the trots he would complain that the Cyprus water always upset him. Pointing out that not a drop of water had passed his lips since he arrived never shook his mistrust of it.

hval 6th May 2013 09:05

Brandy sours made with Keo brandy that has been kept in a fridge. Even nicer.

You can buy Keo and Keo Five Kings of the internet in the UK. Beers of Europe sells them. a lot more expensive than expected though.

Al R 6th May 2013 19:26

I have spent the week moving offices.. tiring and sweaty work. After I handed the keys to the hire wagon back, I decided to drop by somewhere and grab a few beers. So, when I dropped into Oakham Tesco to grab a few beers and saw these, I had an Ice Cold In Alex moment. I remember when they were 21 cents a bottle.

Also for sale, was Efes beer. Now, there's no way I would have taken my car across Ledra Palace to smuggle a few cases back from the north under the rear seat because that would have been just plain wrong. I watched Midnight Express the other day; was I.. MAD??? :eek:


Finally, who (from the mid 80s out there) remembers this song?! God, it annoyed me.

Courtney Mil 6th May 2013 20:23

Originally Posted by ian16th
If anyone is interested, I have a war story about how we made tea with 'paint stripper' quality Spanish brandy.

Well, I'd like to hear.

ian16th 7th May 2013 15:52

Warning Thread Drift! But this isn’t a serious thread, is it?

Well, I'd like to hear.
For Courtney

Date 1957/8
Place RAF Liaison Party at Base Aérienne 125 Istres, somewhere in the South of France.
We had no a/c of our own, only transient a/c to service.
After getting rid of any a/c that had night stopped, we normally had a bit of a lull in out daily routine before the morning traffic from UK and Malta started arriving. This of course was our ‘NAAFI Break’. Not having any NAAFI we optimised British & French culture.
We brewed tea that we had with fresh croissants that ‘the mail run’ had brought back from town.
One of our ‘regular customers’ were the Valetta’s from Manby. At the end of their courses, they had an ‘exercise’ that was a jolly down to Gibraltar for the weekend. One of these trips someone had excess ‘duty free’ and handed us a bottle of cheap Spanish Brandy.
This was sampled and the unanimous decision was that it was ‘ruff stuff’ and not worth drinking. So it was put on top of a cupboard and forgotten.
Came the day, we suffered from a power outage and couldn't boil our water to make tea. When someone remembered an old petrol powered cooking ring that was stashed away somewhere and the bottle of Spanish Brandy was used as fuel to boil water to brew tea!
It was a tough life, but someone had to do it. :cool:

passpartout 8th May 2013 17:59

Thanks folks!:ok:

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