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Skipness One Echo 13th Apr 2013 23:50

RAF TriStar Retirement and A330 Into Service
Hey chaps (and chapesses!), had a good old google but does someone have a retirement timetable for the TriStar?
T'internet seems to think two stored at Cambridge and remainder still flying. What's this weeks plan for retirement for the L1011?

Also I make it 14 Airbuses on order with only six built thus far so are we expecting a gap in capability? What with the VC10 going as well?

Thanks !

lj101 14th Apr 2013 06:34


I did hear last week that its the back end of next year for the Tristar now but an unconfirmed rumour.

UK MoD reviews retirement plans for RAF transports, tankers

Use of the TriStar will continue beyond a planned July 2013 end date until March 2014, for an additional cost of 7 million, the NAO says. This would be just two months before the AirTanker consortium is scheduled to declare full capability with a new fleet of Airbus A330 Voyagers, three of which are already in use in the passenger transport role. Release to service approval for the incoming type to begin in-flight refuelling activities is "imminent", AirTanker says.
The imminent is still rolling but they've changed 'their baskets' that didnt work for 'our' baskets that did (apparently - according to a reliable source).

VC10 exit September 2013 ish -

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