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Gweedo 15th Sep 2011 05:26

Today is Battle of Britain Day
Today is Battle of Britain Day. I, for one, shall be having a moment of reflection and raising a glass to those RAF and FAA Pilots and crews from all corners of the world who paid for my current freedoms with their blood.

"Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed, by so many, to so few"

We will remember them.

tilleydog1 15th Sep 2011 06:30

As will I !

Barksdale Boy 15th Sep 2011 07:00

And I. God bless'em.

dakkg651 15th Sep 2011 07:39

Me too.

I shall also reflect that it's a good job they can't see the present state of the country they died for.

John Botwood 15th Sep 2011 07:42

And I'll drink to that!

GANNET FAN 15th Sep 2011 08:52

And I for one, will be more than happy to watch that film again.

ormeside 15th Sep 2011 08:53

Battle of Britain Day
To all our Comrades who have gone before - here's to them, thank you!!

orgASMic 15th Sep 2011 08:54

Good point - that's this evening's entertainment sorted out as I can't get to the dinner tonight.

FODPlod 15th Sep 2011 09:07

Originally Posted by Gweedo
Today is Battle of Britain Day. I, for one, shall be having a moment of reflection and raising a glass to those RAF Pilots and crews from all corners of the world who paid for my current freedoms with their blood...

No disrespect Gweedo (my father served in the RAF during the war) but as a Navy man, I will also be thinking of the two Fleet Air Arm squadrons and 50 or so FAA aviators who served under RAF Fighter Command, many of whom paid the ultimate price:
242 (Canadian) Hurricane squadron RAF under the celebrated
command of Sqn Ldr Douglas RS "Tinlegs" Bader which included
three Fleet Air Arm pilots: Sub Lt RJ Cork RN (Bader's wingman),
Sub Lt RE Gardner RNVR and Mid PJ Patterson RN
(Fleet Air Arm Archive)

Rush2112 15th Sep 2011 09:15

I hadn't realised either - it's also my ex-wedding anniversary...

I'll be raising a glass too!

Tankertrashnav 15th Sep 2011 09:19

I am ashamed to admit that I hadn't realised it was today until I saw your post, Gweedo. Nothing on the radio/tv about this - nothing that I've heard anyway.

I echo all the previous sentiments and add my own good wishes to our local celebrity Geoffrey Wellum, author of First Light, who was fit and in good form the last time I saw him a few months ago.

Good point FODPlod, and let's not forget the Blenheim navs/observers and air gunners too.

Shack37 15th Sep 2011 09:28

I also must confess to not realising it was today.
A simple thank you once again gents. Bless you all.
Per Ardua ad Astra

1.3VStall 15th Sep 2011 10:21

Here's another person who will toast "The Few" this evening. God alone knows what they would think of the state of Britain's air defences these day.

fly_surfbeach 15th Sep 2011 10:31

God Bless...

Corporal Clott 15th Sep 2011 11:01

A bottle of this for me tonight then...



teeteringhead 15th Sep 2011 11:03

A glass will be raised ......

But! 15 posts and no mention yet of Section Officer Harvey?

C'mon BEags! :E

Corporal Clott 15th Sep 2011 11:25

Link here http://www.boultbeeflightacademy.co....tro-course.pdf

It will however cost you 4500+VAT to recreate...

[after berating Simon, a young pilot]
Squadron Leader: How many hours in Spits?
Simon: Ten and a half, sir.
Squadron Leader: Let's make it eleven, before Jerry has you for breakfast!
Pilot Officer Archie: Spring chicken to shitehawk in one easy lesson.
[at low volume, almost whispering, after Simon and Squadron Leader leave the building for their aircraft]
Pilot Officer Archie: daka!-daka!-daka!-daka!-daka!-daka!-daka!-daka!


Cornerstone958 15th Sep 2011 11:27

I like many other volunteers are out there collecting during B of B week. As a RAFA Welfare Officer it is quite surprising the number of those who were involved in the B of B are still out there. Not forgetting all those that have served and continue to serve. If you are about help fill the collector's tin every little helps as they say.
Thanks for your support

langleybaston 15th Sep 2011 12:44

Please also remember the ground crew and ground staff on and off the airfields.
My father was proud to serve as an LAC RAFVR i/c one barrage balloon, including defence of Coventry in the Blitz. Then after three years flying it over Suez, he spent 1944 with it on a ship, including D Day shuttles.

"It is ROYAL AIR FORCE, not RAF, and NEVER NEVER raff!"

Yes Dad!


FODPlod 15th Sep 2011 12:54

Diolch yn fawr iawn
Gweedo - Tried to PM you but without success. VMT for graciously amending your opening post.

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