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ChipmunkWB556 14th Aug 2011 15:32

Any memories of Chipmunk WB556
Hello all,

I am about to start restoring WB556 to static condition and would desperately like to find out more about the aircrafts history. If anyone has any idea where the logs or any other information on '556 may be please get in contact. Additionally anyone that has ever come into contact with the aircraft and has any memories or even better pics they could share again please get in touch.

Thank you,

http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...er_offline.gif http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...ons/report.gif http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...ttons/edit.gif

jamesdevice 14th Aug 2011 20:31

have you read this old forum thread from 2007? Chipmunk Mystery - Key Publishing Ltd Aviation Forums

ChipmunkWB556 15th Aug 2011 06:24

I have, thank you. It gives some detail as to what happened to '556 while she was in store for many years by the RAF gliding and soaring association at Bicester. I am trying to see if anyone has any further memories of the aircraft or any idea of the location of any of the original logs?
Thank you for pointing that old thread out, it may help to jog someones memory!

Many thanks.

ChipmunkWB556 9th Jun 2012 16:58

Just an update for anyone that's interested. Things have evolved considerably and WB556 is now under restoration to airworthy standard. If anyone has a lead on a pair of wings I would be great full if they could make contact at [email protected].

Many thanks.

T-21 11th Jun 2012 08:14

WB556 was delivered to the RAF 31.1.50 and spent its whole life with the Oxford University Air Squadron. It was Struck off Charge on 12.9.73. In 1952 it carried the codes RUO:C with the unit crest on the engine cowling.

SilsoeSid 11th Jun 2012 21:21

Good luck Matthew, quite a job on your hands :ok:



airborne_artist 12th Jun 2012 15:55

Good luck Matthew, quite a job on your hands http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...ies/thumbs.gif
That looks a lot better than some of my landings ;)

Daggers 6th Apr 2021 20:43

Are you interested in one of my father's photos of it in Oxford UAS colours?

Dora-9 7th Apr 2021 20:19

Here's the late Geoff Ambroses's notes on WB556's history, if this helps:C1-0008 DHH f8 WB556 Chipmunk T.10; production date 6/10/1949; a/c 31/1/1950; d/d 03/02/1950, to Oxford UAS Kidlington coded RUO-C [photo]; to 20 MU Ashton Down 27/10/1953 to non effective stock 17/8/1955; to 20 MU Ashton Down 30/5/1956; to 5 MU Kemble 27/5/1960; to non effective stock 26/3/1973; possible sale to HSA 15/6/1973 but cancelled 6/8/1973; spares recovery by 5 MU Kemble [Air 24/3072] and sold to RAFGSA; fuselage stored at Bicester noted [11/3/1989] until at least 8/1999 as a spares source for RAFGSA; fuselage noted at the Halton Saddle Club and kept in a barn near RAF Halton in 2005 for use as a jump fence on the airfield [ABN 11/2005]; moved to the back garden of a house in Portal Close Northolt part of RAF Northolt’s married quarters owner Guy Clark; sold circa 7/2007 to Martin Smith Mells Frome Somerset as a plaything for his children; [see emails and photos from Peter Norris 27/29 July 2007 and Rod Brown 31/7/2007] [used at some date by 114 Squadron RAF Northolt?];

but dhcchipmunk website says under restoration 2/2008 by Martin Smith [photo]; e mail from owner on ab-ix 29/3/2009 says a/c being restored to static condition at Coleford near Bath Somerset and is substantially complete except for engine under cowling mainwheels and starboard wing; email on Key Forum from owner 3/4/2010 requesting certain parts [email 21/3/2011 from Mr Smith saying will be up for sale on ebay-photos]; moved to New Milton New Forest area for a new owner Matthew Wilkes summer 2011 [11/9/2011] [photo] then to an on-site workshop for restoration to airworthy condition!; rear fuselage roaded in 16/9/2012 to a lock-up on the Hurn airport industrial estate-rest remains in New Milton area [ABN 10/2012] for professional refurbish and partial re-skin-LAA inspector appointed [David Harmsworth email 6/11/2012]; sold to Australia 2014 [ABN 7/2014] Ashley Briggs Moorabbin Victoria owner of VH-PUE for potential restoration [Rod Blievers email 29/9/2015]; to David Soderstrom [RB email 2/1/2018]; noted Moorabbin Museum 10/2018 [P DHCAS]; Mr Soderstrom said he would take it home by year end and sell the project on [DHCAS 17/11/2018]; for sale 16-17/2/2019 Aerojumble sale Moorabbin Air Museum for $A6000 [P] [Stewart Kedar email 16/3/2019 via BF]

I have one phoTo of WB556 in Oxford UAS markings.

Good luck with this project

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