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Roadster280 12th Jun 2011 16:44

Request for help with Chinook photo
I finally got round to getting a home office, and I'm looking to decorate it.

Although I've been out a long while, and was Army to boot, the best time I had while in the mob was at 244 Sig Sqn (AS)/HQ 1Gp RAF MAOTs.

I'm looking for a photo of a Wokka, head on, level in the hover (or forward flight), something similar to this:


In fact, those would be ideal, if they showed the entire rotor disc. In a Utopian world, the frame would be ZA718/BN. Can anyone help? Or suggest a different pose for the Wokka? Perhaps a silhouetted USL hookup? I did plenty of that!

Any help gratefully received!

chinook240 12th Jun 2011 18:09


Try posting on this site as well as there are a lot of good photographers who may also be happy to help. This is one thread on Chinooks at Odiham.

View topic - Odiham 8th June

Roadster280 12th Jun 2011 19:15

Thanks, will do!

Hangar_9 12th Jun 2011 19:47

"Gambit" - Boeing Chinook HC2 ZA708 and ZA714 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Check this picture out. I own no copyrights but i can pass you onto the guy who owns the picture :rolleyes:


Samhttp://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/5790761299/

jumpseater 12th Jun 2011 20:38


Any good to ya? I do know who owns the image ;):ok:
ZH776 HC2

jamesdevice 12th Jun 2011 20:39

Google brings up

FighterControl • Home to the Military Aviation Enthusiast • View topic - ZA718 BN Chinook HC4 Coningsby 22 March

and its ZA718

TEEEJ 12th Jun 2011 20:53

Try Airliners.net. Hundreds of images on there for the HC2 variants. They have a photo search engine.

Airliners.net | Airplanes - Aviation - Aircraft- Aircraft Photos & News

Airliners.net Aviation Photo Search Engine


Roadster280 12th Jun 2011 21:09

Thanks to all who replied, I had a mooch around the airshow forum, and then surfed on over to Flickr, where I found the photo posted by Hangar_9. That was looking favourite, until Jamesdevice came up with that pearler. I found some excellent photos along the way.

Perhaps a poll, which of these will look best on an office wall?






I'm grateful to those photographers putting their work on the net, I'll contact the one I choose to try and get a hires version for printing, and thus compensate them.

Old Photo.Fanatic 12th Jun 2011 22:52

These are the "FULL size" original two Chinook Pics. you pointed to in your start of this thread. (my request for a choice on these two Pics.)
Maybe they are nearer to what your looking for?

Plus 3 more Pics I thought you might like

Please see PM as well

Original two Fulll Size Pics as per your opening post



Three more Pics for your consideration

2 underneath Photos. crazy angles! see by the shadows underneath



This one I like the "Light" against the dark silhouette



Roadster280 13th Jun 2011 01:18

Many thanks, OPF. PM not received though.

The two "originals" you posted are pretty much exactly what I was looking for.

Having found quite a few fantastic photos of the old girl, I'm thinking I might have a row of 5 or 6, or maybe two rows of three. The wall they're going on is 12' wide, so it would work out quite nicely.

Thanks again to all who replied.

Airborne Aircrew 13th Jun 2011 01:48

As an amateur photo critic I'll say the following:-

This picture and the one beneath in the post it was in it suffer from a horrible crop... The entire disc should have been kept in the picture. If the photographer can alter the crop to centralize the aircraft and show all the blade tips then the one below would be a great shot - it's nicely lit with an interesting view of the aircraft.


Despite the cropping of the disc this photo would have been perfect except there is an "annoying", (in that it draws the eye to somewhere irrelevant to the subject), red and white "flag" in the background... If that could be brushed out by the owner and the crop made to show all the discs this one would win hands down...


The three "high angle" pictures are nice from an "aerobatics" perspective but I have a feeling that's not what you are after...

The Rick Ingham image is nice but if it's a photo you want it isn't for you - but if you are looking for "artwork" it night fit the bill...

That leaves the following three for consideration:-

1. Nice colours and good crop showing the aircraft nicely right down to the two USL hooks...


2. Similarly nice crop to above, lacks the nice colour and the angle on the aircraft leaves a little to be desired...


3. Nice crop obviously removing the blades to give that close up, in your face view of the aircraft. Nice blade "movement" and well lit. My only criticism would be, and it sounds silly, the aircraft is not perfectly horizontal... Really, setting it so the bottom of the fuselage makes a perfectly horizontal line would stop the eye from moving to that, very small, imperfection...


Obviously, those are my personal opinions on a group of photographs, all of which, are great captures. In the end, what you put on your wall is going to have to be your personal preference. Suffice it to say, I'd have been very happy capturing any of the images presented... :D:D:D

TEEEJ 13th Jun 2011 12:10

It is a hard decision to make. The Chinook at low level in the hills is a nice shot, but was taken using aperture priority at a shutter speed of 1/4,096 of a second. The result is completely frozen blades which in my opinion detracts from the image.


Bubblewindow 14th Jun 2011 14:21

Will post a couple when I RTB in a couple of hours!


Roadster280 14th Jun 2011 14:32

Many thanks, Bubblewindow.

Bubblewindow 14th Jun 2011 16:37

Have had a hard drive crash and lost another (too many sherbets after a day in the hills) so all Ive got are these..



The sun wasnt in the best place at that time of day but cant control that Im afraid (Yet!! :cool:)


PhamousPhotographer 14th Jun 2011 16:41

Working In The Hills
First underslung shot.


ZA707, 10th May 2006. No prizes for location.

Roadster280 14th Jun 2011 18:14

Thanks again, I'm spoiled for choice now!

As it goes, work has just exploded, so I'll have some time to ponder on this before I get the time to actually get the prints done, framed and mounted.

Definitely tending towards multiple photos now though. Maybe three on top, two underneath.

I'm very grateful for all who have replied, I never expected such a great response. Every time I reply to thank someone, it bumps the thread, so I think I'll leave off on the thanks for now, and post something up in a week or two when work's settled down.

NutLoose 14th Jun 2011 22:07

Cough cough....... remember these?


ranger703 14th Jun 2011 22:51









and my personal favourite....


I don't know if you are still looking but if any are suitable for your needs just let me know and I can send you the full size version of any you like.


Airborne Aircrew 15th Jun 2011 01:28

Ohhhh... There's a lot to like in that last batch... :ok:

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