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Alchef 2nd Jan 2011 20:49

If a forces pilot had shingles, would they get grounded while being treated?

maxred 2nd Jan 2011 21:11

Very possibly
I am not a medic, nor miltary, but the disease affects the nervous system and can be brought on by stress, acute stress.

I suffered a number of years ago, badly:E

I would imagine that grounding may well be possible.

Old-Duffer 2nd Jan 2011 21:41

Even if the pilot need not be grounded, when I had the shingles, the itching was such that I had no desire to be wearing tight clothes or having any sort of straps rubbing against my various bits!

Don't take chances - stay close to the lotion.


Grabbers 2nd Jan 2011 21:44

Don't try this fella, he ain't got time...YouTube - SHAKIN STEVENS - This old house.flv

Tourist 3rd Jan 2011 00:15

Yes, I was

ZK-NSJ 3rd Jan 2011 00:44

id be getting a few other tests as well, my old man had shingles last year, he went to get a lump in his neck checked out had a few blood tests and now has leukaemia the doctor made the point of saying that a lot of people who get diagnosed with leukaemia have recently had shingles,

Brian Abraham 3rd Jan 2011 01:23

Had them twice. First when in the military and involved an injection in the arm of something with the constituency and look of grease, took all day for the lump to subside. A daily regimen for ten days but kept flying. Second time when flying civil and the Doc said there was no known effective treatment although there were many theories and his best advice was you might as well just go to the pub. Once again kept flying.

Double Hush 3rd Jan 2011 08:18

As O-D mentioned, the itching is such that flying is not a good idea but, oh, when the lotion is applied, what bliss! I also felt absolutely dreadful, washed out, such that chilling out at home was the only option. The SMO told me to clear off for a week and stay away from pregnant women! You then realise how rubbish daytime TV is!!

Tankertrashnav 3rd Jan 2011 09:35

I had shingles once when I was on a ground tour so the grounding question didnt arise, but the pain (not itching) was so intense at times that it would have been a severe distraction and I would most certainly have grounded myself.

Alchef 3rd Jan 2011 11:53

Thanks guys!

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