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241ocu 11th Nov 2010 17:44

RAF Air Engineer Association/70th Anniversary
As 2011 is the 70th Anniversary of this historic and, sad to say, soon to be severely diminished branch, it has been decided to breathe new life into the Air Engineers Association.

A few social evenings and a major formal event are planned for 2011, however we have decided to hold an informal "meet and greet" in Doncaster on Sat 27 Nov at 1700.

Any current or ex-serving RAF Flt/Air Engineers from its inception to the current day are more than welcome to attend,which will include an enrolment opportunity for all those interested in joining the association-followed by a traditional "EPU".:ok:

For details of the venue and a chance to enrol for those unable to make the 27th please contact any of the addresses listed below.

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

Looking forward to hearing from you!!!!

Top Bunk Tester 12th Nov 2010 08:50

All three addresses are coming up "Invalid Hashes" at this end. Can you repost pls

241ocu 12th Nov 2010 10:04

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

Apologies TBT

Hope these work, although I have had a few responses.

PM me if you get any more snags


pikeyeng 12th Nov 2010 15:52

Hi, can't see any email addresses just says invalid hash, not going to make the 27th but would like to join the assn.

Tony P-J 12th Nov 2010 19:33

Air Engineers reunion
Sorry I can't be with you this time, but good luck and God bless you all. (Yes, I have changed since some of you old-timers last met me!)

Sideshow Bob 13th Nov 2010 08:33


Thought you'd jumped ship to loadmistress now :E

241ocu 13th Nov 2010 10:24

Being a typical "cocks and pumps" type of bloke I'll try these contact details in a simpler form. Soz chaps!!!:ugh:

241ocu AT googlemail.com

davekildea AT sky.com

a.barlex AT btinternet.com

Replace the AT with @ and no spaces.


BEagle 13th Nov 2010 10:58

If Kenny does as good a job with the Air Eng's 70th anniversary events as he did with the 241 OCU end-of-an-era do this summer, you will be in for a very good time indeed!

241ocu 13th Nov 2010 11:01

Thanks Beags

Yes 'twas a bit of a doo.

Now imagine the same.......just with Engineers:E


pikeyeng 14th Nov 2010 11:42

Sideshow, yeah I'm a dirty crewman now on Puma's, decided to jump ship early before i was pushed into something i didn't want, how's you??

BEagle 14th Nov 2010 12:34

Kenny - I wonder whether the jungle drums have been beating in Doncaster amongst 'ladies* of a certain age'...?

*this might be rather a charitable description of some, judging by the moose-trapping skills of certain VC10 air engineers.....:uhoh:

Dengue_Dude 14th Nov 2010 15:34

It's the 'certain age' of those ladies that's likely to be the embarrassing bit I'd say . . .

haltonapp 14th Nov 2010 18:37

Some of us always get to sleep with a grandma when we get back from flying!

Dengue_Dude 15th Nov 2010 05:03

Now that's unkind Mr Y . . .

Do you know, it even happens when you don't fly anymore, wonder what causes that.

Perhaps our tastes change

241ocu 15th Nov 2010 06:25

Don't know what you mean Beags.... But I do know a few engs you are talking about......:E

St Johns Wort 15th Nov 2010 12:12


Strictly speaking your'e not a Puma Crewman (dirty or otherwise) yet!:=

Be a good chap and pop next door before your next trip, the QHCI's have got a bit of paperwork for you to sign. :O

pikeyeng 15th Nov 2010 14:58


Cheers Dicky, I would love to do guard commander over xmas.


The Gorilla 15th Nov 2010 15:34

Unfortunately I am on call for the Donny meet but I would love to attend any functions for 2011. Regards to all who know me on the night!


fergineer 15th Nov 2010 18:12

Sorry guys will not be able to make this one, am already commited to coming back to the UK for my Halton entry reunion can only afford one trip for a PU. Keep up the good work in tracking the guys down the nimbers are getting fewer every year.
Regards to all

Dengue_Dude 15th Nov 2010 19:34

Fergi, I can tell you about it - shall be on the South Island end of Feb to the middle of March, staying in Earthquake Central.

Going to be a grandpa after all . . .

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