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Blighter Pilot 8th Sep 2010 05:48

LXX Squadron RAF Disbandment
Today marks the stand down of LXX Sqn RAF after 94 years of service.

The Sqn will be stood-up at RAF Brize Norton sometime in 2014 as the first A400M Sqn.

All the best to the boys and girls, past and present, who are serving or have served on this fantastic unit.

Have a great parade and party:ok:


SVK 8th Sep 2010 07:31

Sweet dreams my L X X!

Hod! Hod!

Gainesy 8th Sep 2010 08:34

Stood down or euthanased?:mad:

threeputt 8th Sep 2010 08:38

Chatted to OC LXX, in Sainsbury's car park in Chippenham, yesterday where he told me all about it..sad really.


Arty Fufkin 8th Sep 2010 09:35

I know what you mean. Isn't there a Waitrose in Chippenham?

I fix planes I duz 8th Sep 2010 10:31

Left the Mob last year, sad to hear LXX sqd is gone.

Ex 47/LXX Eng Liney. :(

AR1 8th Sep 2010 11:15

Isn't there a Waitrose in Chippenham?
No there isn't. - The OC was therefore well within his remit to use Sainsburys, given that the other alternatives are the common northern supermarket 'Morrisons' and god forbid 'Tesco Express'
However, I'm surprised he didn't use his initiative and drive to Melksham, there's a Waitrose on the Bath road.

November4 8th Sep 2010 12:53

Isn't there a Waitrose in Chippenham?
We wish!

LXX - thanks for taking me to many far off places over the years. Hope you will continue to do the same to the next generation in a couple of years.

Brian 48nav 8th Sep 2010 13:06

How things have changed! When I was in WG Cdrs didn't do their own shopping!

Union Jack 8th Sep 2010 13:13

How things have changed! When I was in WG Cdrs didn't do their own shopping!

Now waiting, with bated breath, to discover whether he was wearing uniform and, if so, whether he was wearing his cap/hat or not!:uhoh:


PS BZ LXX!:ok:

threeputt 8th Sep 2010 14:46

H****y was dressed immaculatley, as usual, including, what looked, like a Bates SD hat, neatly pressed shirt and trousers, RAF stable belt and highly polished shoes. He was, indeed, a credit to the RAF.


SVK 8th Sep 2010 18:20

A quick update:

Big cheers to LXX's sister Sqn, 99 Sqn and the BBMF for their flypasts. To the second, all of them.

Thank-you for the LXX Sqn guys for all their efforts in making sure the day went so well.

Roll on the Hangar Party!

StopStart 8th Sep 2010 19:25

Toodle-pip LXX Sqn! Sorry I can't be there for the hangar party but I look forward to the stories of excess, scandal and fighting tomorrow on DII(F)acebook....

Genuine question if I may - what makes 99 a sister Sqn to LXX? Not heard that one before.

eard 8th Sep 2010 19:28

May the lion roar again soon following a small nap!

SVK 8th Sep 2010 19:52


Apologies for not being clearer. I meant (non-wah) 47 Sqn, 99 Sqn and the BBMF.

Anyhoo, enough of this, I'm too busy watching Captain America and Mr Incredible fighting a Pimp.

(The Hangar Party is definitely going to be messy)

Q-RTF-X 8th Sep 2010 20:51

Memories of my days on Transit Servicing at Akrotiri in the early 60's. Regular visits from LXX in support of Akrotiri squadron detachments, weekly drops for the Medical Rescue Team and not forgetting the odd visit of the 'Shiny Bomber' (WD 500) on VIP missions. Back to the present, they have a long tradition and it will certainly be nice to see their return

ihoharv 9th Sep 2010 05:17

au Revior, not Goodbye
"Held" with these guys as a pre-METS guy in the early 80's. Learned a lot more about life, RAF and general, than could be otherwise taught.

Nicest and most professional folks I ever met. God Bless all of you.

c130jbloke 9th Sep 2010 08:04

When is the hangar party and is it open to ex LXX gatecrashers ?

vfr into cloud 9th Sep 2010 11:16

last night:ugh:

flipster 9th Sep 2010 12:34

There will be some sore heads at Lyneham today then?!

Even though LXX will eventually re-form in Brize (one presumes), sometime in the future, there will always be the annual daffodils reminder to those at Lyneham on the bund every spring !

Proud to have served,


'Love and Kisses' to all

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