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Shore Guy 29th Jul 2010 05:10

C-17 down Elmendorf (Merged)
Cargo plane crashes, burns on Elmendorf: Military | adn.com

stilton 29th Jul 2010 05:14

Hope the Crew is OK but it doesn't look good.

I guess this was number 3..

sprocky_ger 29th Jul 2010 07:53

C-17 crashed on Elmendorf
A C-17 with four people onboard crashed on a training mission on Elmendorf AFB.

Cargo plane crashes and burns on Elmendorf: Military | adn.com

Just found this to be covered in the rumours section already. Me stupid :ugh:

herkman 29th Jul 2010 10:05

My understanding that this is the first total Hull lose.

There has been at least two other incidents but I believe those airplanes can and will be repaired.

Does not good for the crew, are thoughts and prayers go out to those involved.


Wycombe 29th Jul 2010 10:05

Very sad news,

Wasn't the C17 display at RIAT (large Military Show at Fairford in the UK for the unitiated) over 17th/18th July conducted by an Alaskan-based aircraft?

Gainesy 29th Jul 2010 10:29

No, they're stupid, already totally unfounded comments about a possible Bud Holland scenario. Idiots.

C-17 operated by Alaska Air National Guard, four POB. It was on a practice demo flight for an airshow at the base this weekend. USAF witnesses on other sites report it going down in heavy woods a few miles from the base. Descriptions of it going in from either a tight turn or a wingover. Big fireball.:(

KarlADrage 29th Jul 2010 10:58

No, the RIAT display was by a crew and aircraft from the 97th AMW of AETC, based at Altus AFB, OK.

It has, however, been suggested here - C-17 plane crashes at Elmendorf - KTUU.com | Alaska's news and information source | - that the crew was training for the upcoming airshow at Elmendorf this weekend.


Airbubba 29th Jul 2010 13:43

Just hoping..

..that this isn't another Bud Holland sort of accident..bm
Looks like they were indeed practicing for the weekend Arctic Thunder Airshow according to notams and colleagues in the C-17 community.

When you go onto the base for the airshow you pass the somber memorial for Yukla 27, the AWACS that crashed at Elmendorf in 1995.

The Blue Angels have already arrived at PAED for the airshow and are scheduled to practice this afternoon at 2100Z. The Snowbirds will also be at the show.

Sadly, CNN is reporting no survivors from the C-17 crash:

Military plane crashes on training mission in Alaska, killing 4 airmen - CNN.com

LowObservable 29th Jul 2010 16:33

It's premature for sure. But if it was indeed airshow practice and reports of a wingover/tight turn are correct, it's hard to stop the mind going in that direction.

Runaway Gun 29th Jul 2010 17:42

Or birdstrike, or engine/mechanical failure, or pilot incapacitation, or windshear, or a million other things.

lomapaseo 29th Jul 2010 21:25

any debris on the runway?

4321 30th Jul 2010 06:57

Was watching the practice 30 mins before the accident and they were conducting some pretty aggresive manoevers! Not making any comments on cause as whatever, it is too late.

DelaneyT 30th Jul 2010 14:20

Yet Another Airshow Crash
General probability of pilot-error in any airshow related mishap is 80%+.

Airshows are always popular, but the world safety record over many decades of these events is terrible. Not worth it in lives and lost resources.


lomapaseo 30th Jul 2010 15:43

Airshows are always popular, but the world safety record over many decades of these events is terrible. Not worth it in lives and lost resources.
I might be inclined to agree with your if at an airshow we are asking a pilot to perform outside of his training.

I am reminded of a study which showed that actual engine out real aircraft training on multi-engine turboprops resulted in more accidents than all other flight experience. This kind-of suggested why simulator training might be more appropriate to reinforce training lessons learned.

just food for thought

TBM-Legend 31st Jul 2010 03:05

The public [i.e.. taxpayers] have every right to see the equipment and people they pay for every once in awhile....

The real issue is a form of "airshow-itus" where people get carried away trying to impress the crowd and of course their peers. Crashing is not part of any routine!

Public support and pride in our servicemen and women is essential and as Governments have pissed our tax dollars up against the wall on 'failed' or non-productive projects and handouts, the uniformed services need to engage with the community even more..

RIP to crew who were simply trying to do their best for all...

onetrack 31st Jul 2010 03:18

The victims of the C-17 crash at Elmendorf have officially been identified and families notified. The victims were -

Major Michael Freyholtz & Major Aaron Malone - both pilots assigned to the Alaska Air National Guard's 249th Airlift Squadron;

Capt. Jeffrey Hill, a pilot assigned to Elmendorf's 517th Airlift Squadron;

Master Sgt. Thomas Cicardo; a 249th Airlift Squadron loadmaster.

Dengue_Dude 31st Jul 2010 14:10

I HATE air displays and never go to them anymore. Just Google airshow crashes and the like.

I've lost too many friends in them or practising for them. Watching C130s pulling 100+ degrees of bank to 'impress' the public who didn't know the aircraft was 40+ degrees beyond its published limitations.

Please spare me the theory that a barrel roll is +1g all the way round, I KNOW it is, I also know that not many people can actually achieve that.

When Joe Public is used to seeing aircraft doing amazing stuff, big aeroplanes often look staid - they're supposed to be, the inertia is something to behold compared with FJs or A10s et al.

Remember the famous B-52 video, wasn't that Elmendorf too?

RIP (again). I just feel SOoo sorry for the NOK.

412SP 31st Jul 2010 16:01

The B-52 crash was Spokane, WA......Fairchild AFB.

Dengue_Dude 31st Jul 2010 17:26

Thanks 412SP - tragedy either way.

RumPunch 1st Aug 2010 01:14

you guys do what you do and you do it in a way that nobody else can judge as you are better at your job than a reporter.

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