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Puck2 3rd May 2010 18:42

Awacs Geilenkirchen
:mad: Any rumours?? :cool:

Squirrel 41 3rd May 2010 18:57

Are you asking us to make some up?

All of them to be repainted into the colours of budget airlines who will provide the crew training and maintenance through an innovative PFI sale and leaseback deal. Sponsorship will be allowed if your firm wants to send a personalised message to anyone you dislike through www.slot-em-all.com.

Crews will be based in Romania, and pay their own money to drive to meet the jets in Poznan, Poland when they're not off earning third party revenue for states at war, or non-state actors seeking a clue on when they're going to get bombed. :hmm:

Does this help? :ugh:


Puck2 3rd May 2010 19:14

Well it's a start :D

SirToppamHat 3rd May 2010 19:35

GK to close by 2013.

Airframes to relocate to Greece.

Airfield to be leased by Greece to NATO for a 'significant sum'; lease cheques to be made payable to Mrs A Merkel.

Or it could be what Squirrel said.


Pontius Navigator 3rd May 2010 19:40

NATO AWACS - Job Vacancies

A major organizational review is currently under way. Consequently, the grade and the post are not guaranteed. Furthermore, potential candidates are herewith informed that this recruitment process may well have to be curtailed prematurely at any point in the future, depending on the nature of ongoing developments and/or the final outcome of the aforementioned organizational review and/or for any other valid organizational reasons.

higthepig 3rd May 2010 19:42

Any rumours??
Yup, at least one was flying today.

Puck2 3rd May 2010 19:59

Ohhhhhh the whole ONE. The Greek option sound realistic :uhoh:

k3k3 4th May 2010 13:03

Oh no it wasn't!

ECMO1 4th May 2010 14:56

NATEX Shopping Curtailed
The German customs boys have been hanging around and checking people shopping at the NATEX. If you don't have an ID card for GK specifically (JFC Brussum doesn't count) they asked you to pay the VAT on the items you bought. You can return the items and skip paying the tax. True events!

Let's try that again 5th May 2010 08:30

AWACS at Geilenkirchen
Awacs-toestellen blijven aan de grond

De Awacs-basis in Geilenkirchen houdt alle toestellen voorlopig aan de grond. Bij de zeventien vliegtuigen is roest geconstateerd bij het neuswiel. Daardoor bestaat het risico dat het wiel bij de landing niet meer uitklapt. Een woordvoerder van de basis kon niet zeggen hoe lang de vliegtuigen noodgedwongen aan de grond blijven. De Awacs-toestellen zijn omgebouwde Boeings 707 met radar. Ze zijn allemaal meer dan 25 jaar oud.

From local paper today.......
States that the aircraft are grounded due to rust being discovered in the nosewheel landing bay which might prevent doors from opening. Spokesman could not say how long aircraft will remain on the ground. Mentions also that all aircraft are more than 25 years old.

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