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John Farley 27th Oct 2016 12:56

Ta. Glad you found it useful.

Any queries just pm me and I will give you my email.


Wander00 27th Oct 2016 16:05

JF - many thanks - off for 360 Sqn Reunion this weekend, but maybe next week
Kind regards W

Jackw106 22nd Feb 2017 10:58

Harrier Pilot Kevin Gross, Colonel (Ret) USMC, describes Harrier history and design features


sandozer 22nd Feb 2017 14:57

Thanks Jackw1o6 for the YouTube link, what an interesting and superbly delivered history of the Harrier. :ok:

Jackw106 24th Sep 2017 13:41

Harrier Pilot Kevin Gross, Colonel (Ret) USMC, describes Harrier combat operations and shares personal experiences flying in Operation Desert Storm during the Gulf War.


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