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Mick Strigg 1st May 2010 19:23

Army 22 - NAVY 24
What a great day!

What a great match!

Well done the dark-blue for breaking the drought.

switch_on_lofty 1st May 2010 21:02

Whoop Whoop! Shame I missed it!

DICKY the PIG 1st May 2010 22:38

Well done the RNRU. :D Obviously the Army were still jet lagged from their 8 week training camp in South Africa.:ugh:

Prawn2king4 3rd May 2010 05:04

The Army, subby, wear red shirts to hide the blood stains.

And the Navy, sir, wear blue shirts for the same reason....

Faithless 3rd May 2010 10:02

What a great day it was and always is...Why is there never a match like this with the RAF?

I'm Off! 3rd May 2010 14:57


Mick Strigg 3rd May 2010 16:15

The Navy stuffed the RAF 73 - 3 this year as well!

The reason that the Army v RAF or Navy v RAF will never be as big an occasion is because they don't have such a big occasion! I know that this doesn't make sense, but the fact that the Army v Navy is a huge fixture and a great day out makes it such an important match. Even the other sports (Football, Cricket etc.), do not have such an important fixture for the services.

It was good to see some attendees wearing the light blue; come along to the day and enjoy it, no matter your service.

56,000 people can't be wrong! See you there next year.

Aerouk 3rd May 2010 19:10

Congrats to the RN :D

Gnd 4th May 2010 16:46

My dear RAF chap, the day is the final of the Babcock Trophy, not the Army 'v' Navy match. Should the RAF ever get a Rugby team of any repute, they too could be there and the A 'v' N would have to be re-organised.
I think!!!! So there is an Army 'v' RAF but not the final and not at the home of the RFU.

The real shame was the volume of non-inventive strippers (if that is the right phrase) idiots!!

Well done RN rematch? Same time, same place next year?:ok:

Mick Strigg 4th May 2010 19:45

Not that I wish to get into an argument, but..............

The Army v Navy match is the last (final) match of the Inter-Services Championship (see The Babcock Inter-Services Championship | Babcock International Group PLC ). It is not a knock-out, but is a series of scheduled matches in which each of the Services plays the others, culminating in the A v N at Twickenham. Therefore, the last match of the Babcock trophy will always be A v N dear chap!

LOTA 5th May 2010 11:59

This was the first Army v Royal Navy game I have been to and enjoyed an exciting game with a dramatic comeback by the Navy - although the skill levels were pretty low grade from both sides overall.

I'm not sure I've ever been to a match with such a big attendance where so few of the crowd were bothered by what was unfolding on the field. The whole event was like one giant stag party! Mind you, the armed forces are entitled to let off steam in this manner (apart from the tedious pitch invaders) given what's going on at present.

The RAF used to play its home inter-service games at Twickenham until the mid to late 90s when rising costs forced a move, first to Kingsholm, then to Newbury, where inevitably things are a little more low profile. The demographics of the three services also count against the RAF as well - more women, lots of older blokes well past their playing age, etc. The Navy team competes well because it's predominantly Royal Marine!

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