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PPRuNe Pop 25th Mar 2010 18:49

C.17 TO-NIGHT CHANNEL 4 (Merged)
Heads up!

"AIR HOSPITAL" about a C17 that can be turned into a hospital on C4 at 21:00 to-night.

Faithless 25th Mar 2010 21:53

Watching it now....Stunning....Massive amount of respect to all that make it happen and Great job 99 Sqn :ok:


Talk Reaction 25th Mar 2010 22:04

An important program, showing the great work by medevac teams and some moving interviews with the guys paying the price. :D

Although 99 have managed to reinforce some stereotypes about multi crews... I mean, opening flt deck scene, lets moan about the menu, yes tea white one please loadie etc :ugh:, and pleased to hear that OC 99 is 'uncomfortable' about his SDS (not what I suppose he meant)

Spit the Dog 25th Mar 2010 22:10

Great job '99', very moving and well overdue in-sight into this now regular route via Birmingham.

Faithless 25th Mar 2010 22:12

T R stop being sooo picky.....to Joe Public it shows we all wave the same flag and no Crab/Pongo/Fish Head crap.......It's only obvious to us and I'm not going to pick fault.

Once again Well done Guys and Gals.:D

PPRuNe Pop 25th Mar 2010 22:14

Utter unequivocal respect for the guys and girls looking out for our wounded.

Great programmer and very well done 99 Sqdn.

I would not wanna be that Afghan policeman when they get him!

VinRouge 25th Mar 2010 22:15


If you had ever eaten a curry lasagne, you would have a reason to whine.

WTF were they thinking?

arem 25th Mar 2010 22:21

Great program, but did I hear the commentator say that the beast could drop from 30000' to surface in 90sec!!!!!!

A second thought that the IA being discussed on another thread is more pathetic than ever, the poor dears having to work one down!

Spit the Dog 25th Mar 2010 22:26

Nice to see Channel 4 promoted the 'Pickey' to Flt Sgt, at last someone has !

dreamies 25th Mar 2010 22:30

The Chicken Tikka Lasagne he was talking about is actually quite nice. The salt contenet is really quite high though. Imagine the pilot asking for a cup of tea though. I mean that is really letting the side down.:ugh:
If that is all that you took away from that program TR then you really need to get out more. You made no mention of the wounded soldiers. That is what the programme was really about.

JTIDS 25th Mar 2010 22:32

The beast can drop from 30,000 ft to the surface in 90 sec!

lexxity 25th Mar 2010 22:36

Civvie popping in to say, what a programme, long over due. Massive, massive respect to 99 sqdrn and the guys and girls who go out and bring our troops home. I couldn't do it and I take my hat off to all invloved.

Firestorm 25th Mar 2010 22:37

A really excellent programme. I hope some the 645 members of Parliament were watching that, especially the ones who have the responsibility for making sure that our armed forces are properly funded, and properly looked after in the field, on the job, and afterwards. I have seen the C17 on the ramp at Birmingham many times, but I had no idea what was going on inside. This is a film that matters. Well done to all involved, and to Channel 4 for making the programme.

StopStart 25th Mar 2010 22:39

A very good prog and nice to see candid interviews with the people doing the job, be that the CCAST guys or 99 (good choice of spokesman there!).

Couldn't give a monkeys toss about 15 seconds of flightdeck blah about meals being edited in. Irrelevant but as usual nice to see Pprune thinks otherwise :rolleyes:

Keep up the good work TMW/CCAST and 99 :ok:

GLGNDB 25th Mar 2010 22:40

I am not in the military, but have great admiration for the work that all our forces do.

For me there was two bits that stood out during the documentary.

The first was when the doctor was asked how soon they could be required to go back to Afghanistan. He quoted min rest as 24hrs, however he then went on to say if the situation demanded they would just grab the next set of kit available and go straight back. This exemplifies the can do attitude our forces are renowned for.

The second which I found most alarming was the number of medevac sorties flown last year.

TheSmiter 25th Mar 2010 23:05

Very humbling programme and an excellent companion to the previous doc 'Wounded'. Should be mandatory viewing for all our ruling classes.

BZ to all on CCAST and 99. Total respect guys and gals.

To the airships, this is the sort of programme which shows the public how it is and demonstrates the close knit cameraderie and ethos of military life. In my humble opinion you can forget the expensive ad campaigns and spin.

Nice one Channel 4.

NutLoose 26th Mar 2010 00:22

Finally a programme that goes some way to showing the public the real cost of the war, I have to say I cannot agree more with the comments reference Wotton Basset, Tragic though they are and I for one would love to see them as a distant memory, but they do tend to deflect and hide via the media the true costs of the conflict.......... Hats off and my admiration to all those involved in this vital role :D:D

MightyGem 26th Mar 2010 01:43

CCAST Question
Watching the Ch4 programme, at work tonight, the question arose as to whether the same flight crew does the whole trip, or are two crews carried?

Uncle Ginsters 26th Mar 2010 06:45

It's usually the same crew, albeit an Augmented Crew (3xPilot, 2xALM).
Often right up to the 24hr duty limit, especially in Summer when a flagstop for fuel is needed.

francophile69 26th Mar 2010 09:00

Pedant alert!
A pet hate of mine is the Union Flag being inverted. Twice last night it appeared on the C17 that way.
I am sure that there is no way it is really inverted but was intrigued as to how it could appear that way?

Not to belittle the programme in anyway, which I found very interesting. I have a relative at Headley so I do realise the reality of the situation.

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