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Polarhero 23rd Mar 2010 14:07

Red Arrows collision (Merged)
Sky reporting two red arrows collided nr crete.

Update. Now reporting pilot in hospital after ejecting.

iwalkedaway 23rd Mar 2010 14:17

Red Arrows collision
BBC 24 reporting collision over Cyprus - one 'pilot' in hospital after baling out, other a/c involved landed safely. Here's hoping no second crewman in lost a/c, or if there was there's another survivor.

sucksqueezeBANGstop 23rd Mar 2010 14:19

They don't carry passangers when flying formation (which the news reports say they were), only on transit flights.

Wholigan 23rd Mar 2010 14:22


It seems that 2 mods were merging the last 2 threads on this topic at EXACTLY the same time and have totally confused the wiggly amps, so that the redirects are going into what seems to be a closed loop and neither of the old threads is now available.

So, feel free to post what you did before in here.


G-CPTN 23rd Mar 2010 14:23

BBC News - Red Arrows pilot in hospital after mid-air crash

MagnusP 23rd Mar 2010 14:25

Some information at:

BBC News - Red Arrows pilot in hospital after mid-air crash

sucksqueezeBANGstop 23rd Mar 2010 14:26

More trouble than they're worth these Mods ;-)

Times Online

Hellenic Defence News

goudie 23rd Mar 2010 14:30

The state of the two aircraft is not yet known. Times
Well one is certainly a cat 5

G-CPTN 23rd Mar 2010 14:33

How long do we have to endure the automatic ban on the word b l o g s p o t ?

DefenceNet just posted that the number of aircraft that were involved in the accident were 2. Initially it posted the number of aircraft involved was 3. According to this site there was only one ejection. The other pilot managed to land his aircraft. The Red Arrows team has been at the Kastelli Air Base since yesterday and was scheduled to be there until 31/03.

Reportedly the pilot who ejected has been seriously injured. No fatalities have been reported.

Edit: According to another report the injuries of the pilot who ejected are not threatening.

The pilot ejected at low altitude while over the runway. There were no injuries on the ground as a result of the crash.
DefenceNet - ??????? ????????? ??? Hawk ??? Red Arrows ??? ??????? ??? ??????! (A???????)

http://greece-salonika.b l o g s p o t.com/2010/03/red-arrows.html

Mad-Air 23rd Mar 2010 14:36

Worrying thing is that they Op from Cyprus at this time of year. Lets hope it isn't one the two new members of the team. My thoughts are with the team.

BOAC 23rd Mar 2010 14:37

It seems that 2 mods were merging the last 2 threads on this topic at EXACTLY the same time and have totally confused the wiggly amps
- just cannot get the staff, can you?

EDIT: To remove confusion over pic of 'crashed Hawk'

gareth herts 23rd Mar 2010 14:41

Photo of the jet which made it down safely......
Red Arrows Collide Over Crete: One Pilot Ejects Before Plane Crashes, Second Craft Makes Landing | World News | Sky News

Flarkey 23rd Mar 2010 14:43

image from the sky webpage...


callsign Metman 23rd Mar 2010 14:43

doesn't really look like Crete in that pic of 252 though..

The one on the Greek website I mean.

tubby linton 23rd Mar 2010 14:47

The blurb on sky says that the picture was taken at Iraklion,and that is right next to the sea.

ACARS 23rd Mar 2010 14:58

At least is didn't happen during the airshow season. Many more could be affected. This is exactly why they go through such demaning training.

Let's hope there isn't a big backlash with this one. Best wishes to the team.

Nashers 23rd Mar 2010 15:04

just heard one is in hospital after ejecting. his status is not known yet to the media and the other managed to land safely.

hopefuly nothing serious and they will be up and running again in no time.

teeteringhead 23rd Mar 2010 15:08

They don't carry passangers when flying formation
They don't take pax as such in formation, but in their PDA workup they have on occasions taken senior supervisors (and VERY senior supervisors) in the back......

Romeo E.T. 23rd Mar 2010 15:10

as far as I have it


1 of the 2 aircraft and the rest of the Team landed safely while the other has crashed into the sea - pilot ejected safely and is now in hospital with a dislocated shoulder.

Lancasterman 23rd Mar 2010 15:11

BOAC:Having zoomed the pic of the jet, it looks remarkably as if 252 is having a really bad time, no matter what colour it is painted.http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...lies/smile.gif You can almost hear it saying "oh no, here we go again...."
Whats the deal with 252 and your comment?:confused:

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