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Chrisdaman 11th Jun 2010 11:34

Apologies for the typing, it was late last night and it had been a long day:ugh:

Is it not true that the Nimrod MRA4 is replacing the retiring R1?

And that the RAF are closing RAF Cottesmore to fund the purchase of 22 new chinooks?

Future Hunter 11th Jun 2010 12:43

Go for it!

Put back for pilot 6 months? At the age of 19? You do know that means you're not-not going to get it!
A 6-month try again means just that, come back and give it another go. The recruitment people love it if you keep showing an interest, but if you change your mind just because of a knockback then they'll probably hound you for it at OASC.

There is no reason why you can't apply for Pilot and put WSO/WSOp down the list - I got kicked back from all 3 days at OASC when I was 17 for a pilot bursary, then applied again at the tender age of 21 and here I am doing what I wanted. Stick to your convictions and desires and it shows some of that integrity stuff they love.

But if what you want is WSOp (role not guaranteed until on 55(R)), then good luck with it.

I recommend not saying in your filter interview that 22 Chinooks are the equivalent of 11 Nimrod MR2 and RAF Cottesmore! Have a look at the official party lines on the RAF website and read some newpaper articles rather than the rumour mills. You're entitled to your opinion (and expected to have them) but make sure you research thoroughly (The Nimrod MRA4 and R1 are quite different beasts - like Tornado F3 and GR4).

Good luck with your application!

Pure Pursuit 11th Jun 2010 12:57

TBT, too easy...


my first post was intended to simply point out that you are going to be up against it. Prepare yourself as well as you can and do your research on the job you are after.

The RAF is going to have plenty of people to choose from and will have the luxury of choosing the best from the crop.

Good luck and crack on!

getsometimein 11th Jun 2010 15:52

Good luck with applying for WSOp, whatever you get its a great job...

Just remember that, assuming you get all the way through testing/training, you could end up on a number of platforms...

C130, VC10, Tristar, Merlin, Chinook, C17, Nimrod, KC135, E3 Sentry... Plus a few more...

Dont assume you're going to get what you want, be prepared for a varied job that allows you to transfer between different aircraft types, and completely different roles, all the way through your career!

Chrisdaman 11th Jun 2010 17:57

Thank you for the advice and words of wisdom, was I was after

I know I'm up against it with the job and applying for and that the RAF and Cranwell can pick and choose as they please, but this time around I feel much more confident on the subject matter and have been making much more of an effort to do everything

on another note i've got my 1.5mile down to 9.30 (outdoors not treadmill) and after following advice have got up to 50 situps in 60seconds and 25 press-ups in a minute :)

TEEEJ 11th Jun 2010 21:05

Chrisdaman wrote

Is it not true that the Nimrod MRA4 is replacing the retiring R1?
The RC-135 is planned to replace the Nimrod R.1. The reporting as of a few months ago has the R.1 being retired next year with the crews moving onto USAF RC-135s. The plan is for the RAF to receive RC-135s during 2014.

'An MoD spokesman said that between "2011 and 2014, the U.K. will enter into a partnering arrangement with the U.S. that will safeguard U.K. personnel core competencies."

USAF Planes To Help U.K. Fill SIGINT Gap - Defense News

Good luck with your application.


TheSmiter 12th Jun 2010 09:19

Not so fast TEEJ!

See below reply by Peter Luff (Defence Under Sec) to question by Angus Robertson. Hansard 9th June.

On 22 March 2010 the Ministry of Defence made an announcement that the Nimrod R1 would be replaced by US Air Force Rivet Joint RC-135 aircraft and associated ground systems. Following the new Government's announcement to audit all spending decisions taken since 1 January this year, this decision is currently under review. Furthermore, as part of the Strategic Defence and Security Review work has been set in hand to review all major equipment and support contracts to ensure the future programme is coherent with future defence needs and can be afforded.
I wouldn't put good money on any eqpt project making it through SDR.

Tough times to be applying for any job in HM Forces.

Best of luck Chris :ok:

TEEEJ 12th Jun 2010 21:47

Noted, but that is only the new government playing the safe ball. It is far too important an asset, IMHO, not to be replaced. Could it see a new lease of life for the BAE Systems proposal to replace the Nimrod R.1s?


Future Hunter 12th Jun 2010 22:10


I think you're on to something - I really don't think BAe would mind making some of the spare Nimrod frames into EW ones. Seeing as Woodford have all the jigs and parts required to do it, plus it would keep everything British and even allow some flexibility should we need more maritime or more EW (as we did with the original batch of nearly 50 'rods with EAW conversions and all sorts).

I'd quite happily see Nimrod in flying on in RAF service rather than a soul-less American off the shelf clapped out frame.

Pontius Navigator 12th Jun 2010 22:20

Chris- you applied to be a pilot. Three years later you are considering crewman. This will pose an obvious question.

Why are you now applying to enlist as an SNCO when you originally applied for a commission? This could be taken to mean you are underconfident and lack the initiative, drive and self-confidence to be an effective member of aircrew.

There are many reasons why in three years you have decided that aircrew rather than pilot is what you really want. What you must be prepared for is to articulate why you are seeking NCO rather than Officer status.

getsometimein 13th Jun 2010 11:01

Dude, apply again as a pilot, with WSO and WSOp as backup careers.... Thats what I did and some would say I got the lesser (WSOp), I'm still doing a job I love.

STANDTO 13th Jun 2010 11:12

on another note i've got my 1.5mile down to 9.30 (outdoors not treadmill) and after following advice have got up to 50 situps in 60seconds and 25 press-ups in a minute
Should be another minute in there somewhere.

Yo say there is more than one way to fly. Depends if you want to drive I suppose. based on personal experience, do not discount AAC and FAA. Given my time around again, I wouldn't have been so single minded. Stick to it, and if you are good enough you will get it.

Spearmint-R33 13th Jun 2010 19:39

The very best of luck in your application for the role of WSOp or indeed Commissioned Aircrew if you decide otherwise.

I'm a currently serving Junior Technician (TG1) with over 11.5 years of experience under my belt and I to am currently applying for WSOp. I have successfully passed the Aptitude and Filter Interview stages and I am just waiting on the OASC's decision in when they are going to board me. Nonetheless, the preparation on both a physical and mental level that I am putting myself through at the moment is nothing short of intense especially when I'm trying to fit it around my professional and family life.

However, the prize on successful completion of the myriad of hoops set up before I or any other applicant to jump through is more than worth it. It's going to be tough considering the current Fiscal environment but you can never have too much prep!

Good Luck!

ElSupremo 14th Jun 2010 01:46

With the Government today saying that military cuts aren't out of question, is it likely that the RAF etc will reduce or even stop their intake of candidates soon?

Mr C Hinecap 14th Jun 2010 06:11

Given your procrastination, E_S, that is a great question to ask now! Yes - recruitment is at a low, competition for the few places is very high and they really can pick and choose. Recruitment won't stop, as it causes too many problems and too many people are involved in the training world, but it is a trickle.
Will you be applying or holding out even longer?

not_so_sis 14th Jun 2010 12:39

Reading materials IOT
What are the books currently read during IOT in the RAF?
Thanks not_so_sis

ElSupremo 14th Jun 2010 12:58

Mr C Hinecap, I will now be applying verty shortly.

Aerouk 14th Jun 2010 14:07

Good luck ES, keep me updated with how you get on.

neildo 14th Jun 2010 15:46


Here is the suggested reading list (had photographed to send to a mate who didn't get the sheet), can't comment much further as I've not started yet:


not_so_sis 15th Jun 2010 08:19

Thankyou, much appreciated.

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