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Vulcannav 27th Nov 2008 19:34

The Future of RAF Scampton
Latest rumours indicate that RAF Scampton will close in 2014. Can anyone
add any details?

SirToppamHat 27th Nov 2008 19:44

I think you need to do a search. There were a couple of threads on here recently following the news.


spheroid 27th Nov 2008 20:58

About bloomin time..... How on earth the RAF can justify an entire airbase to house 9 second line aircraft is beyond me.... Scampton is a complete boondoggle and should be closed right now.

exscribbler 27th Nov 2008 23:07

Yes, do that and put the money towards a carrier... :E


Can't Hover 28th Nov 2008 10:27

Not just the Reds....
If Scampton did exist purely for the Reds it would indeed be quite an extravagance. However Scampton doubles as the Relief Landing Ground for RAF Cranwell and the many training aircraft stationed there: the Cranwell circuit hasn't the capacity to fulfill all the training requirements of such a large number of aircraft so Scampton is used to provide and extra circuit area.

FCWhippingBoy 28th Nov 2008 11:52

I must be part of the Reds if they are the only thing at Scampton :confused: That being the case, have I been turning up to the wrong building for the last 3 and a bit years? :ugh:

Contrary to popular belief, there are a couple of other units that got stranded here when the A6 "lets do Scampton, no Leeming" debacle happenned!

Latest "plan" is that the Reds will move to Waddington by 2011, and the CRC/1ACC will be moving to Coningsby by 2014.

I have no idea what plans there are for MMU.

Op_Twenty 28th Nov 2008 18:27

Surprised that we havn't closed it already, we've closed everything else havn't we?

Pure Pursuit 28th Nov 2008 22:03

Now, if anyone dares to ask if there is enough money to move the Reds...

spheroid 29th Nov 2008 07:49

However Scampton doubles as the Relief Landing Ground for RAF Cranwell
Please....! Come on boys.... I'm sure you can justify this folly better than "its a relief landing ground"

Why does Cranwell need a relief landing ground? How many times last week was Scampton used as a relief landing ground..?

As for the cost....it will be cheaper to move 9 aircraft to another base rather than keep this one open

Lancelot37 29th Nov 2008 09:49

>> Surprised that we havn't closed it already, we've closed everything else havn't we? <<

This pathetic Labour Government will close down this country.

spheroid 29th Nov 2008 21:02

No they won't but the sooner they close down useless airfields the better

Tim McLelland 30th Nov 2008 13:33

As mentioned, this topic's been covered in previous threads. RAFAT are moving to Waddington. The timescale seems open to question - my hunch is that they might well move by the end of next year as accommodation has supposedly been under construction for many months already.

Pure Pursuit 30th Nov 2008 18:05


your 'hunch' is way out, as is the accommodation rumour. Accommodation of the a/c is a far bigger issue than that of the personnel.

The reds are going to have to be dragged across to Waddo & it won't be next year!

L J R 30th Nov 2008 20:11

So if the Reds go to Waddo, where will the Reapers go, and what about those other twin turbo things that have attracted a little banter of late, least of all the RC-135s...

Tim McLelland 30th Nov 2008 21:52

Well maybe my hunch will be wrong, but all I know is that it's Jase Hawker that said this, so I'm inclined to stick with my hunch, thanks all the same;)

midsomerjambo 2nd Dec 2008 15:43

If it does close, does that mean the A15 will have to be straightened? If so, good news to all the Roman engineers who can stop spinning in their graves :ok:

goudie 2nd Dec 2008 16:08

If they straighten the road it will render the station badge obsolete. The bow represents the bend in the road and the arrow is the Vulcan. I was led to believe it was designed by the Wg. Co. Admin when the station re-opened in '58.

Roadster280 2nd Dec 2008 16:14

But then there wouldn't be a station, and so no need for a badge....

aw ditor 2nd Dec 2008 16:19

Thought parts of Scampton were "listed"?

Tim McLelland 2nd Dec 2008 16:21

This matter came-up some time back. As far as anyone can determine, there are no plans to adjust the A15, regardless of the airfield's status. There was an urban myth buzzing around that suggested the MoD would be obliged to finance the re-routing of the road if they abandoned the station, hence their reluctance to leave. But there doesn't seem to be a shred of evidence to support the notion.

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