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SRENNAPS 30th Sep 2007 15:31

Tredegar House and a Vulcan Bomber
The wife and I have just returned from a camping trip in Tredegar Park, Newport in South Wales what a delightful place for all you fellow campers.

While we were there we took advantage of having a guided tour around Tredegar House which is a lovely seventeenth century mansion house.

The tour guide was an amazing chap who was a font of knowledge on the history of the house and had some incredible tales to tell as we wandered from room to room.

The most intriguing though was about a Vulcan Bomber flying low over the house. Apparently the pilot opened up all four and put the aircraft on its tail right above the house. This caused damage to the ceiling of one of the original rooms, almost causing it to collapse. The MOD very quickly paid compensation which allowed the ceiling to be restored to its original historic beauty.

The guide was not certain but he believed that the alleged incident occurred in the mid to late seventies.

Does anybody recall this incident happening??

Lamenting Navigator 30th Sep 2007 17:55

This site cites a Daily Telegraph piece from 1997, but doesn't give a date of the incident itself:


SRENNAPS 2nd Oct 2007 13:05

Lamenting Navigator,

Many thanks for that. It does appear there was some form of incident involving a Vulcan.

I will keep investigating.

4mastacker 2nd Oct 2007 16:45

I don't know about the incident at Tredegar House, but I recall the kitchen window in my MQ at Scampton being shattered when one of Avro's finest took-off on a hot and humid summer's evening in 1981. When I went to the Famillies Office to report the damage, I was told I would have to pay for it. I said " No way! Send the bill to OC 35, it was one of his b:mad:y jets!" Never did get a bill. Cheers, sir!

Milt 3rd Oct 2007 01:38

I did that with a Vulcan to an aircraft carrier in 1957. Had just unloaded a full bomb bay of inert 500 pounders through cloud into the restricted area of Lyme Bay.
Descended through the cloud cover and surprise, surprise there was the carrier unauthorised in the restricted area doing a bit of gun firing practice.

Set up a long final with gear down and saw the carrier's guns go tight.

The pull up close to the deck may have blown some of its loose bits over the side.

Would dearly like to hear a description by someone who was on that carrier.

Union Jack 3rd Oct 2007 10:46

Set up a long final with gear down and saw the carrier's guns go tight

And I bet it wasn't just the guns that went tight!

Would dearly like to hear a description by someone who was on that carrier

So put the question in the FAA section of Rum Ration.


Low Ball 3rd Oct 2007 11:09

Vulcan At Portland
When visiting Portland some years ago (while it was still an active NAS) I was regalled with the story of a Vulcan doing a PAR. Allegedly this day was very murky with bags of very low cloud. Said Vulcan pilot asked to do a PAR without letting on what type he was. Air traffic didn't think to ask until a huge set of wheels broke cloud when all hell was let loose. The overshoot was apparently memorable particularly to those waiting to cross the runway on foot which was the way one got from one side of the airfield to the other.

Anybody available who recalls the incident?


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