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betty swallox 20th Sep 2007 17:47

Reds over the QE2
Thanks guys...great show today over the QE2. Sorry 'bout the Glasgow weather!!!

markflyer6580 20th Sep 2007 18:46

4 reds buzzed Leconfield/Beverley too about 14:30 ish,looked ace:ok:

Romeo Oscar Golf 20th Sep 2007 19:43

Missed the Sparrows (probably having my lunchtime bevvy) but caught the Queen as she left the Clyde for the last time.


Green Flash 20th Sep 2007 20:34

Hey, If QE2 turns right at the tail of the bank she could nip up the Minch and become the HVA for Neptune Warrior!:}

betty swallox 20th Sep 2007 20:52

Don't you mean HVU...

Or maybe I'm showing my age...

Piggies 20th Sep 2007 21:27

The Britannia was HVU as it went through the Minches on its final cruise in 1998 during JMC. So there's a precedent. No Sea Eagles left to shwack QE2 now though.....

Green Flash 20th Sep 2007 21:41

Would that be U as in unit? I thought it had become A as in asset. Or am I talking out of my asset? (highly likely).

Navaleye 21st Sep 2007 09:00

She's still faster then any ship in the fleet and it will be a wrench to see her go. I hope to do the very last transatlantic from NY on her late next year. The early planning is that it will be the fastest ever Cunard crossing beating old Queen Mary's pre-war record.

PilotsPal 21st Sep 2007 11:15

If you haven't already booked, you haven't a hope in hell of doing a transatlantic crossing next year on the QEII. I tried to book a crossing (any cabin would have done) for my parents just a few days after the announcement of her retirement and was told they were all completely sold out.

Bigears 21st Sep 2007 11:36

Yes, a cracking show which collected 'ooohs' and 'aaahs' from all those around me.
The local Glasgow paper had an excellent front page http://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/_image...2007-09-20.pdf

betty swallox 21st Sep 2007 11:48

Nice one, Bigears!

Navaleye 21st Sep 2007 11:52

In which case, I'll be on the QM2 which will be sailing alongside her for that voyage.

McFunkletrumpet 21st Sep 2007 15:27

Reds over the QE2
Don't despair folks. The end is not nigh.
The QE2 will make two further showings in Scotland ,both in 2008.
The British Isles tour takes place at the end of September and the vessel is down for Glasgow visit(from Greenock) and Edinburgh (from South Queensferry)
Date for Greenock is October 5th and S. Queensferry is October 7th.


PilotsPal 21st Sep 2007 15:51

I think you will find that pretty much every remaining voyage on the QEII timetable is fully sold out with waiting lists for cancellations. There are an awful lot of people who are very fond of that ship and, as with Concorde's retirement as soon as the end of service was announced, if you didn't book instantly, you had no chance.

I also tried for the maiden voyage of Queen Victoria in December but that was all snapped up within hours of going on sale...

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