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WE Branch Fanatic 28th Jul 2007 13:20

Operation BANNER ends
At midnight, 31 July 07, Operation Banner will cease.

See this announcement from the MOD website.

I would like to pay tribute to those who served, and express my sympathy for the famillies and friends of the fallen, and to those who sacrificed their physical or mental wellbeing.

Yoy may be interested in this analysis (from an Army viewpoint) of Banner, both out of general interest and beacause there are lessons that are applicable to today's operations.


Maritime and Aviation aspects are discussed in chapter six.

GasFitter 28th Jul 2007 14:29

Consequences for RAF P1
Agreed. Thoughts to everyone who's lost family and friends.

For the Armed Forces, does the end of Op BANNER mean the end of:

NI Pay?
Abated Food & Accommodation?
Travel Warrants?
Volunteer postings?

Don't get me wrong, it's a good thing that NI has improved incredibly over the past 5 years in my opinion. Just interested.

Climebear 28th Jul 2007 14:59

No (treated similar to Scottish Outer Isles)

R 21 28th Jul 2007 17:01

Ah the Emerald Toilet

fond memories, but I never want to return !!!:\

ZOFO 28th Jul 2007 17:31

End Of Op Banner

Just to correct about the allowances for NI, we have not lost the Northern Ireland Pay, the only allowance cut that has taken place is the loss of NICFA (Northern Ireland Compensatory Food Allowance), Northern Ireland pay still stands are we are still Restriced on where we can go and not go, Basically for those of you in the know we still have a lot of red on the Province map, and it is not likely to go for the foreseeable future.
Having spent over 50 percent of my 21 year career (still serving) in Ulster, I to am pleased in the way things have gone over here, but to quote a certain well known politician "They haven't gone away you know" we still still have some very nasty people out there.
I can only hope that the now sporadic incidents that happen over here but are not obviously aired on the National press are just kept to a small minority of "Die Hard" causes that will peter out in the long run. We all over here still await to see what will happen on the formal disbandonment of the Royal Irish Regiment.

I have spent alot of time in the Province and my final thoughts and prayers are with my friends, workmates and of course the families that have lost loved ones in this Operation

Safe Home

Zofo and family

Climebear 28th Jul 2007 17:46

To be very pedantic NI Pay ceased in approx 1998 when it was replaced by Northern Ireland Resident Supplement (NIRS) not payable to those on rouelment tours.


I agree, very fond memories of my time there.

The Royal Irish Regiment will not disband - only the Home Service btns. 1 RIRISH will continue the long tradition of fine Ulster Regiments in the British Army.

'Celer et Audux'

MrBernoulli 28th Jul 2007 20:21

Gosh, and there was me thinking that the title of this thread meant that the RAF weren't going to buy anymore of those cheap and nasty stationery supplies. You know the stuff I mean - usually nick 'em from the adj's cabinet but the biro stops working after 5 minutes ........ :E

Shack37 28th Jul 2007 22:08

"Ah the Emerald Toilet"

fond memories, but I never want to return !!!:\

Don't imagine you're likely to be invited:=

Talking Radalt 28th Jul 2007 22:17

Bacon butties in the pouring rain on the HLS at Armagh..... :ok:
Happy days, somehow I just know I'll miss 'em...eventually.

WE Branch Fanatic 29th Jul 2007 17:35

I have edited the above to mend the link.

To my mind it is significant that submarines and RN helicopters (not Junglies) have been mentioned. They are commited to today's counter terror operations.

The discussion regarding support helicopters makes interesting reading - parrticularly considering current operations and the debate over BLUH/FLynx and so on.

eastern wiseguy 29th Jul 2007 17:51

As of midnight on July 31st the prohibited areas all vanish.Normality reigns....good lord I have even heard ASCOT callsigns!!

R21..it speaks highly of you too:hmm:

The Burning Bush 29th Jul 2007 20:41

Did a couple of tours in the late 70's, never thought I'd live to see it resolved. Hang on a minute:uhoh:

Green Flash 29th Jul 2007 21:09

As of midnight on July 31st the prohibited areas all vanish
'ang on! Does that means it becomes just another LFA, then? 500' around Bandit Country in your Tonka, anyone? :}(Yes, I know the SH cabs have been doing it, and (alot) lower, for years but you take my point?)

eastern wiseguy 29th Jul 2007 21:43

Yep......bring 'em on. Mind you the last time one of 'em asked my mate to "calculate my minima"....yeah that'll happen!!:}:}

bad livin' 29th Jul 2007 22:02

Many a ferry boarded, and many a day on watch in various bodies of water across the way. Many a good time had.

passpartout 29th Jul 2007 22:04

So what are the chances of using LFA 19 like the rest of the LFS?

Dogwatch 29th Jul 2007 22:27

Had my first flight in a Puma at Ballykinler in 1977, had some great times out there.
Glad its at an end, although, as said above, there is still plenty of stuff happening that isnt reported.

TheWizard 29th Jul 2007 22:39


Wow, that just caused a serious flashback!! I hope those signs are displayed in an appropriate museum or display somewhere as they represent a big chunk of military history for that part of the world and serve as a tribute to those that 'did their time' at the Mill.
Mixed memories, some good, some bad but glad it has reached a conclusion.:)

EGAC 31st Jul 2007 02:04

Grateful thanks to those of all ranks and from all services for their duty and sacrifice here over such a long period. Words aren't enough but they're all that ordinary NI people like me have got.

Sadly I must agree 100% with ZOFO regarding his quote "they haven't gone away" and I must equally vehemently disagree with his description of anyone who says that as a "politician". Most of we law-abiding citizens, including the relatives of the twelve British subjects incinerated and 23 seriously injured at La Mon hotel on 17 February 1978, know exactly what such a person is and what they stand for.

I'm classed as a dinosaur here because I still know right from wrong and I'm still prepared to call a spade a spade. Unlike so many (at all levels of society and led by our spineless Westminster politicians) who find it convenient to overlook the facts, when I walk through the regenerating Belfast I know that I am actually wading through the blood of thousands of innocents, civilian and military, whose deaths the Establishment would prefer to airbrush from the record at the same time as it accords mass murderers the status of political statesmen.

The decent people of Northern Ireland will not forget the service and sacrifice of our armed forces, without which the cut-throats would have wreaked even more death and destruction upon us.

And we will not forgive the murderers or the morally bankrupt administration that has delivered us into their clutches after 40 years of torment.

WE Branch Fanatic 2nd Aug 2007 16:48

From the Irish Independent:

Operation Banner soldiers deserve grateful cheers, not our ungracious jeers

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