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ExRAFRadar 8th Jul 2007 15:52

Google Earth and RAF Stations

For those who like to play with Google earth.

It's a UK based overlay of existing and previous RAF bases in the UK

Might make some walk down memory lane. And an eye opener for me as I did not realize we had so many chain home sites.

Plus checkout Dounreay on the north coast of Scotland- satellite field of RAF Twatt.

Imagine saying you were ever posted there.

Rev I. Tin 8th Jul 2007 16:02

Hmm, not sure Twatt was an RAF station.
My sooper dooper book of Military airfields has it down as an RN airfield. HMS Tern opened in 1941 closed in 1949 and housed a Fleet Requirements Unit.

ExRAFRadar 8th Jul 2007 16:14

I don't want to start a long thread here but have a look at this:-


diginagain 8th Jul 2007 16:28

HMS Tern would appear to confirm the ownership.

Rev I. Tin 8th Jul 2007 16:33

The RAF Station mentioned in your link would be RAF Skeabrae, a fighter command station belonging to 13 Gp (Inverness) 1940-1945 which is a couple of miles south of RNAS Twatt.

RNAS Twatt

RAF Skeabrae

ExRAFRadar 8th Jul 2007 16:47

Rev - your the man.

I am starting to get quite interested in this old RAF stations lark.

I was born in the wrong era, 1950's RAF was my sort of time when we were all over the place in the UK


Just looked at your link for Twatt and found RAF Grimsetter. Imagine telling your mum you had been posted from Twatt to Grimsetter. She would have burst out crying.

Mind you I remember being told I was going to Spadeadam when at basic Scopie training - great I thought, Norway for a first tour.

Rev I. Tin 8th Jul 2007 17:08

ExRAFRadar, if you are getting into the old stuff have a look at http://www.controltowers.co.uk/

ExRAFRadar 8th Jul 2007 17:14

Hog Heaven - How long before some young pup comes on and tells us how sad we spotter types are :)

Sinjmajeep 8th Jul 2007 17:19

Some young pup? According to your profile you are 41 not 81.

SirToppamHat 8th Jul 2007 17:33

Astonishing. Even being based in Lincolnshire, where every few fields there seems to be another former airfield, this overlay is a real eye-opener. For those seeing this on RLI/DII (which doesn't allow Google Earth), I strongly advise looking again at home.
Kind of makes you wonder how we got where we are today!
And as for spotter sites, try these two:
Sub Brit Project Rotor Sites

Sub Brit Home Page


pzu 8th Jul 2007 17:59

Twatt from Twatt
Apologies for intrusion

Twatt is a recognised place name in Orkney and also a family name, so imagine having to respond that you were a:

Twatt from Twatt :O:O:O

PZU - Out of Africa

By the way the Orcadians pronounce Twatt as 'Twott!!!

ExRAFRadar 8th Jul 2007 18:39

Fair point on the young pup thing but I am in Battle of Britain mode. White wine and "2 Section Scramble" are making me feel old before my time.

Plus seeing all those airfields (old and new) just brings a small tear to the eye....


Rev I. Tin 8th Jul 2007 19:04

This will make you blubber...
RAF Gan, Maldives
They even had a frickin' palm tree on the Station Crest. I am surprised the Motto wasn't 'Brandy Sours'
Must have been an absolute bummer of a tour!

Rev I. Tin 8th Jul 2007 19:29


There I was, dreaming of days gone by, sat on a white beach, palm trees gently swaying in the tropical breeze, drinking brandy sours, watching the WAAFs playing beach volleyball... sigh, and you went and spoiled it by mentioning Blackpool!!:{

And the Red Arrows:}

Pontius Navigator 8th Jul 2007 19:31

Originally Posted by Rev I. Tin (Post 3401441)
This will make you blubber...
They even had a frickin' palm tree on the Station Crest. I am surprised the Motto wasn't 'Brandy Sours'
Must have been an absolute bummer of a tour!

Oh it was. Real rough. Not based there but several trips including a ranger from Cyprus to Gan - coals to Newcastle and all that.

In the huts near the mess, low lying trees between huts, perhaps 10 feet high, and the fruit bats doing circuits. About a 3 feet wing span, flare over a branch, foot arrestor gear engage, wing fold and swing inverted head about 2 feet off the ground.

Then unlatch wing clamps, extend wings, release foot engagement and graceful glide off without hitting the ground. Awesome.

Or the trumpet fish about 6 feet long swimming inches below the surface and just behind your arc of vision. Or turtles diving on the reef just yards from the OM.

In the evening, beer on the lawn, watching the Maldivians walking across to Fedu if the tide was out and the Dohni races where they would race each other back to Fedu cheered by us.

Or, how did you break your ankle, "fell off a coconut".

Sinjmajeep 8th Jul 2007 20:19


They even had a frickin' palm tree on the Station Crest. I am surprised the Motto wasn't 'Brandy Sours'
Not everybody who has a palm tree on their crest is having an easy time.

Exrigger 8th Jul 2007 20:24

As shemy- slightly off topic as well but Warton has two MRA4s on the pan

Tourist 8th Jul 2007 22:21


Torchy 8th Jul 2007 23:00

Rev I.Tin. Ther were never any WRAFs doing beach vollyball on Gan. Maybe the odd loadie but never any WrRAFS (or WAAFS!). We never had any based there. We did have Joan though, the WRVS lady. And she was a great person.

Rev I. Tin 9th Jul 2007 00:04

No WAAFs or WRAFs?
How did you find the strength (ahem) to hoist the ensign?:}

Yep. Fair enough. Duly acknowledge the efforts, sacrifices and courage of other palm based squadrons.:D
No disrespect meant.

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