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621andy 25th Apr 2007 17:21

U2 @ Akrotiri
After rushing over to Akrotiri to see the Arrers practising, I witnessed a Nimrod landing, followed 10 minutes later by a black U2...:ok:

Without endangering (inter-)national security, are the U2s regular visitors, or did I just get lucky to see one?:8

I did miss the Reds though, only managed to see 'em doing their stuff from a distance:{


ZH875 25th Apr 2007 17:45

They quite ofte........Aaaaaggggghhhhh Black Omega Syndrome

advocatusDIABOLI 25th Apr 2007 17:52

No, U2's NEVER visit Cyprus...... what you saw was a weather balloon. A very modern one, to be sure, but a Weather Balloon.


senga 25th Apr 2007 17:55

it's top secret!!!

splitbrain 25th Apr 2007 17:55

There was never one there during my tour.

Damned loud noise early in the morning though :confused:

621andy 25th Apr 2007 18:07

Aaaah, so they're common as muck then:hmm: wondered why no-one else looked interested;) Have to try and get a better pic next time then:E

Thanks for the link- interesting stuff!

senga 25th Apr 2007 18:09

just remember..... I didn't tell you.... ok?

oooh look, there's someone at the do..........

Wensleydale 25th Apr 2007 18:40

No U2 for a while until they replace the guitars that were auctioned last week.:O

The Helpful Stacker 25th Apr 2007 19:19

Many a cracking night spent in the Triple A but as most have said, no U2's at all, what-so-ever, no-way-no-how, fly out of Akrotiri regularly.

Oh and getting a ride in the Impreza down the Akrotiri runway doesn't happen either.;)

Bigt 25th Apr 2007 19:41

Seem to recall a `weather balloon` having a mishap on landing/taking off some years ago causing abit of damage to RAF property

Wrathmonk 25th Apr 2007 19:50

Not only damage to property but also killed six people (weather balloon pilot, senior met officer and 4 locally employed civilians).:(

DON T 25th Apr 2007 20:18

Believe the pilot was called Al Henderson, an American who had previously played rugby for Akrotiri Flamingos.

The day previous to the accident, the Daily Telegraph had printed an article saying that the British Government denied that a U2 was stationed at Akrotiri. Mind the one that took off in the morning wasn't usually the one that returned at night but my american mates on Olive Harvest would never back that up.

ORAC 25th Apr 2007 20:35

Regular pilots at the time had just been cleared to go off SBA and had an accident, rolled car, killing one school teacher, and were in hospital.

Replacement pilot tried the spiral climb over quarters trick - hoofed it left on rotation and stalled/side slipped into the ground. Impacted beside the tower and two underwing tanks went on into the Ops block. Explosion took out the bottom of the tower and all comms, but the guys in local were OK.

IIRC someone (rock ape?) got a medal for fast thinking and driving a vehicle through the rear wall of the Ops block to let those trapped inside out.

The seat was left tarpaulined for a couple of days until they flew in a specialist to safe it.

Luckiest guys were a Vulcan crew who had also had a car crash the previous day. They were at TPMH, otherwise they would have been in Ops briefing.

reynoldsno1 25th Apr 2007 20:53

There were never, ever, any U-2s at Akrotiri during the 70's either, and nor did one crash into the Ops building....

wokkameister 25th Apr 2007 21:42

U2 at Akrotiri? Don't care for their music much

Tandemrotor 25th Apr 2007 21:45

I'm sure you guys are absolutely correct, and no such Harvest of Olives ever operated there.

I just want to know who all the guys were that used to wear those T-shirts saying: "If we're not really here, then where the f@*k are we?"

Zoom 25th Apr 2007 21:56

I never saw one at Akrotiri. But then, I have never been to Akrotiri.

phil gollin 26th Apr 2007 06:44

I thought there were no U-2s around anymore, just TR-1s ??????

Gainesy 26th Apr 2007 06:47

And the Lady's Mile Motor-Glider Club wasn't there in 1970 either, so that game of tactical baseball (down a tinny at each base) must have been a bad dream.:suspect:

Gaz ED 26th Apr 2007 07:10

It's a U2-S, I believe. At least it looked like one, when I was (!) sat in the passenger seat of a BMW chasing it down the runway!

That tubey food is gopping!

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