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thing 7th Mar 2013 14:28

Way too blooming hot for BBQs: we're in for ten days with temperatures above 30C, peaking at 38C. Today was 36.
Son reports that it's been raining for weeks on and off up in Bris. Still warmish though. 19 weeks and I shall be knocking back the Coopers on his patio....not that I'm counting....

smujsmith 7th Mar 2013 15:44

Possibly the best Webberfest I enjoyed was in Gander. Anyone remember the Nav (I believe) called Fred ? Who retired there. I was the GE on an Albert on its way to somewhere in the former colonial territories to the south. We got stuck as someone at ATFOC (FATCOCK) had failed to notice that our departure date coincided with a national election in Canada, which is effectively "everything" closed, including the airport and the bars. So Fred picks us all up from Sinbads and takes us home with him. We dig out his backyard, which was around 15 ft deep in snow, temperature -16 and proceed to have a 5 hour beer and Barbie session. A real treat, and one I will never forget. I remember putting my beer down for about 5 minutes and ending up with a beer lolly. I wonder if Fred still lives in Gander ? For the record, I'm with Beags on using charcoal. I started with a stores tray and some chicken wire in Cyprus 1973, I bought my current Webber Kettle from the a BX in Alaska and its still going strong. I hate those briquette jobbys though, like a bastardised horse burger is to beef!


Thanks to Truckie I believe Fred lives on :

Fred MOFFIT still lives in Gander, and is doing rather well, google will throw up some info. Haven't seen him since I left the C130 fleet ( and the airforce) back in the late 90's

Blimey, can't keep a good Nav down eh ?

Flight Lieutenant Fred J. Moffitt,... | M - R | Honorary Colonels - Complete List | Honorary Colonels | RCAF | DND/CF

BEagle 23rd Apr 2013 19:56

Well, the trusty blackfellow came out of hibernation today! Yesterday the jungle surrounding BEagle Towers was hacked down; despite such an entreaty to the rain gods, tonight's barbi' involving koftas, green peppers and pitta bread went without a hitch....

Some halloumi and salad was also involved....

Courtney Mil 23rd Apr 2013 20:02

The Courtney Weber did lamb marinated in mint and port jus tonight. Baby new potatoes, chives, peas and mayo. All with a cheeky Chilean Sauv Blanc. Perfect. Oh, and 21 degrees here.:ok:

smujsmith 23rd Apr 2013 20:18

Standard, Truckie type, Webberfest this lovely evening chaps. Home made Sheftalia ( dog turd sausages), chicken, lamb, shish, liver and all the trimmings. Happy St George's Day to all. Happy memories. Long live the Webber !!!!!

sittingstress 24th Apr 2013 05:59

After watching a good deal of manual labour happen in the garden, Weber was fired up and a very simple "Up the bum chicken" was slow cooked along with vegetables. All very tasty.

Just to reiterate - Gas? Just say NO!

BEagle 5th May 2013 19:52

Last week's mostly splendid weather (by British West Oxfordshire standards) has probably seen the trusty black orb fired up on more occasions than the whole of last summer!

Plus a 3:2:1 margarita is just the thing whilst the charcoal is coming up to temperature!

Still no VB though....:(

brickhistory 5th May 2013 19:59

What is this "good weather" to which you refer?

Roland Pulfrew 5th May 2013 22:45

At last! Days of cleaning and tidying gardens, sheds and the garage, plus 6 days of almost unbrokem sunshine, resulted in the firing up of my trusty black orb tonight. A couple of cold tinnies, some spicy chicken and some chargrilled veggies put a lovely finish on a fab week. And we still have a bank holiday Monday to go :ok:

kluge 6th May 2013 06:50

Just as well it is a BH weekend.

It will take 3 days to start up a non gas grill and get it up to temp. :rolleyes:

Roland Pulfrew 6th May 2013 07:57

It will take 3 days to start up a non gas grill and get it up to temp
Only if you don't know what you are doing; I guess that's why some convert to the Devil's Fuel.:rolleyes: :p

kluge 6th May 2013 08:29

Geico - Did the Caveman Invent Fire? - YouTube

BEagle 6th May 2013 09:07

It will take 3 days to start up a non-gas grill and get it up to temp.
Bolleaux! To hell with the vile fuel made from the bottled breath of Satan's bottom...

A couple of minutes to lay the coals and starter fuel, a quik splurge of lighter gel, fire it up and 25 minutes later it's ready - during which time that which is to be cooked can be prep'd and a 3:2:1 margarita quaffed...

Lingo Dan 6th May 2013 09:22

I reckon with a chimney starter and a 47 cm BBQ, it takes 15 - 20 minutes/one bottle of Spitfire to be ready to cook. Less perhaps if there's a good breeze blowing.

BTW, this Weber came from the US "base exchange" (or whatever it's called?) in Garmish in 1984. New undercarriage, vent controls and grills in 2008, though, and no signs of corrosion on the kettle.

CoffmanStarter 6th May 2013 19:07

OK BEagle ... I'm not looking for a fight ... but you can get high quality BBQ results with Gas :ok:

The first Coff BBQ of the season this glorious evening on my AWT Mk2a running on propane. The Mk2a signifies the mod state from the standard production variant ... as my machine benefits from a quick removal tray for cleaning plus a couple of other adaptations over its 5 year service history :cool:


So here we have the "Fuel On (gas), Brakes On (yes it has brakes), Throttles Closed (Flame Regulators) , Switches Off (Ignitors) state ...

Advance Throttles sequentially working Right to Left while pushing the Ignitor Swithch ... CONTACT on all FOUR ... close the hood and monitor T's&P's rising to normal. Then serve self a Beer !


Activate No5 Burner as required ... onions with balsamic on this occasion.


Serve self second Beer and Mrs Coff a Family Size White Wine ... taking care not to trip over family dog who by now has taken up normal "recovery" position ... on the off chance of a stray morsel.

Best regards ...


langleybaston 6th May 2013 19:28

so does the dog snap up morsels with its bum?

Seriously, I have added a wood burning basket to the ensemble:
Red Weber c. 1989, BeefMaster 4 burner c. 2000.

Tested basket last week, using my dead cherry tree logs. NOT as controlled as either Weber or BeefBandit, but fun.

Beer tastes same whichever!

Gas today, perfect. Flash to bang first course 30 minutes/ 2 Stellas.

Courtney Mil 6th May 2013 19:33

Two questions, Coff. What's the dog's name? Can you and Mrs Coff really eat all that?

CoffmanStarter 6th May 2013 19:35

LB ... Poor old chap is 12 years old ... deaf and a little blind ... but his nose can track a stray sausage uder full IFR conditions :ok:

CoffmanStarter 6th May 2013 19:41

Courtney ... The old dogs name is Harvey (named after the local brewery here in East Sussex) ... and no ... we had friends round ... we like to think we are generous hosts :ok:

Best ...

Coff ... Now on the 6th one of these ... friends now departed ...


Courtney Mil 6th May 2013 19:44

We shall now raise our glasses to Harvey.

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