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cornish-stormrider 28th Apr 2008 13:08

Bought Barbque's
I would like to add my tuppenceworth to Mr Gainesy (yes, him) all you who bought barberque's are a bunch of poof's. Fair enough if you are trade group "Stinking Growbag" but any engineers should be ashamed and sacked.

I have built several oil drummers, my latest has a hinged cooking tray and a flat steel griddle plate for doing eggs with your steaks, I have two temp settings "Max" and "Combat" and if I flip the datum switch I get even more heat.

It puts out more radial warmth than a stove, draws air in like a blast furnace and gives awesome steaks and swordfishes. It does shark, ribs, and jacket taters and secret banananananas for puddings.

The chef runs on Guinness and malt whisky.

Anyone who would like to be taught how to build one...............

Buy Power tools.

brickhistory 28th Apr 2008 13:17

I envy you. The weather here, normally so wonderful at this time of the year, has continued wet, cold, overcast (What global warming?!).

My (store-bought) fire altar slumbers on.

BEagle 28th Apr 2008 16:33

Whilst I understand the need for abundant lateral warmth in the typical 'supersonic stratus' of a North Kernow summer evening, creating a localised firestorm to cook a mere brace of bratties or some duck tits would be rather OTT. Fun though.....

Even if the chef is 'Powered by Pope's Piss and Malt'!

Brick - I hope you've removed the gas-faggotry fiddly bits from your device?

brickhistory 28th Apr 2008 16:55

I hope you've removed the gas-faggotry fiddly bits from your device?
Affirmative; as soon as I saw the cross-dressing upon my return from a TDY.

And a stern 'never again' to the salad-making machine........

airborne_artist 28th Apr 2008 17:02

Stormrider - I'm not sure powertools are needed. A few used bricks and some weldmesh do me fine. Some twigs and sticks from the garden/woods make a good kindling, and then I chuck on some bought charcoal.

Got decent sized bit of meat? - do it in a Hangi

Solid Rust Twotter 28th Apr 2008 18:42

You're not a Saffer are you, Mr Artist...?:confused::ok:

High_Expect 5th May 2008 09:31

She's out! And not so much as a screw needs tightning :ok:

brickhistory 5th May 2008 11:55

Is the subject still Webers?!

It's Not Working 5th May 2008 16:02

Seventeen years old and still going strong. She has lived outdoors from new with the exception of 2-years in storage and she has only needed a bit of BDR on a handle and a new one-touch hardware kit and she still goes like new.

Brick - I AM talking about my Weber.

BEagle 5th May 2008 16:11

You had me worried there - I thought you might be Austrian....

airborne_artist 5th May 2008 16:28

You're not a Saffer are you, Mr Artist...?
No, I'm a Pom. Learned the art of cooking meat in the open air from some real characters - eg Lofty.

Solid Rust Twotter 5th May 2008 19:43

Lofty must be at least part Saffer or Zimbo then. The brick and grid thing is SOP. Many pissed off wives in SA have discovered the wire grille in the oven has been nicked to go under the car seat for use as an impromptu braai when fishing, travelling or out in the bush. Works like a charm:E

beefix 5th May 2008 20:11

My one and only faithful Weber arrived in the UK via a Vulcan recuperator bay(as did many other things) in 1980. Hmmm nuff said. It finally gave up the ghost last year and was laid to rest in the local scrap yard. My brand new 47cm Weber, with an ash can, had it's first outing this evening, some lamb chops,chicken wings and a sausage or two, all washed down with a bottle of Tesco's finest. Mind you, I had to take out a mortgage to buy it, still never mind. My eldest son has now got his eye on it, if he thinks I'm going to leave it to him he can think again. It's going with me. So there!!!!

BEagle 5th May 2008 20:43

Tesco's finest :bored:?


But better than kokkinelli, no doubt? Or 1977 vintage home brewed 'three week wine' :yuk:, which is all we could afford back then!

Roland Pulfrew 6th May 2008 14:27

My brand new 47cm Weber
Weber have gone METRIC?!?! Surely not.:eek:

brickhistory 10th May 2008 22:48

Ahhh, contentment!

Steaks sizzled, mojitos drunk.............

STANDTO 11th May 2008 19:28

Second major reheat of the season here on the dear old Isle of Man today. Scorchio!

Nice piece of pork tenderloin.

How about a recipie thread. Bit gay, but what the hell:)

BEagle 11th May 2008 20:34

Recipe 1 (Universal):


Flying Lawyer 11th May 2008 21:59

She who must be obeyed insisted we had the healthy option today:

Tuna steaks
White Wine.

Delicious - but it didn't stop me muttering that meat would have been better. Matter of principle!
The order remains in force until further notice, 'for my own good.' :uhoh:
I think I may have negotiated the occasional Beer Can Chicken. White meat, and the beer is only for flavour etc :)

Roadster280 12th May 2008 02:22

Recipe 1 (Universal):

Surely 1 and 3 are transposed ;)

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