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soddim 23rd Nov 2004 14:03

Greece Scraps Eurofighter Deal

lasernigel 23rd Nov 2004 14:31

That means the price of ours will go up to offset this cancellation.How many will we get now His Tonyness????

hobie 23rd Nov 2004 15:05

some Program info here ....


sprucemoose 23rd Nov 2004 15:39

Err, call me stupid here, but as Greece had merely stated a requirement for 60-90 aircraft, why will the cost of ours go up?

There was never a contract for the Greek jets and the price of our Tranche 2 aircraft has been agreed purely for those aircraft to be built for the four partner nations. I thought it was common knowledge that the Greek deal would be re-opened after the Olympics, but maybe it wasn't!

And of course there's absolutely no reason that the Typhoon won't win the new competition...

Trumpet_trousers 23rd Nov 2004 16:55

Greece Scraps Eurofighter Deal
...maybe they're upset that you can only enter it from the front.....:E

polyglory 23rd Nov 2004 17:59

I believe their new option is for the Spad and a long term view for replacement will be the Rafale:E

taffman 24th Nov 2004 07:54

May be they can no longer afford them after the Olympic games. They have a big debt problem after the games and not meeting EU rules with regards their economy I believe.


Twinact 24th Nov 2004 08:07

Does this mean we will cancel our EFA if England wins the Olympic Bid for 2012? Don't throw those Jags away just yet!!:confused:

emitex 24th Nov 2004 09:20

May be they can no longer afford them after the Olympic games. They have a big debt problem after the games and not meeting EU rules with regards their economy I believe.
Weren't they paying with Olive Oil?


ORAC 24th Nov 2004 09:44

Popeye wouldn´t pay the ransom.......

itchy kitchin 24th Nov 2004 10:30

They prolly want something modern and up to date...

ZH875 24th Nov 2004 12:13

Maybe, its because the Plane spotters have the tail numbers and photographs.

BEagle 24th Nov 2004 12:23

What does 'prolly' mean? Is it some yoofspeak patois?

jindabyne 24th Nov 2004 14:59

Oh c'mon BEagle, u no it prolly means, wivout dowt, probabbly

Kendo Nagasaki 24th Nov 2004 20:12

[\quote]What does 'prolly' mean? Is it some yoofspeak patois?[quote]

My dad layed a patois in our backgarden when i was a kid.

T'was about the same time my mums mother disappeared as well. Always wondered what happened to the old bird.

tug3 24th Nov 2004 20:49

Funny, I thought it was the 'UK of GB & NI' bidding to host the Olympics in 2012, not "England". Silly me...


MrBernoulli 24th Nov 2004 21:47

Wrong again tug3! It is LONDON bidding to host the Olympics, not the country. All this claimed economic benefit to the rest of the country (be it England or UK or whatever) is utter nonsense. How can anywhere outside of London benefit?

And as for Lord Coe's puerile nonsense about wanting to host the best games ever. Goodness me! Does he think we're all fools? Country couldn't get the bloody Dome done on time or on budget; Scottish Parliament massively over budget and late; etc etc etc. The rest of the nation will be saddled with the tax bill to pay for LONDON'S Olympics for ever more.

And all because Tony and Cherie want a frickin' ceremony that they can lord it over. Save the cash and heartache ....... pleeeeaaaase!

BEagle 24th Nov 2004 22:02

Yes - the jockstrapaholics can bugger off to Paris for their running, swimming and throwing things yawndom!

Really hope that London does not get the Olympricks!

And why the heck is some sweaty athlete now a Lord?

Archimedes 24th Nov 2004 22:41

Because he was less successful at politics than at running....

Mr Hague had to find some way of keeping one of the few prominent members of his party who wasn't widely loathed at Westminster, so elevation it was!

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